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Jun 13, 2012 12:58 PM

Poland (restaurants in Warsaw and Krakow)

We will be visiting in the summer and we would like some recommendations for restaurants in Warsaw and Krakow.

From some research i did I found the following restaurants of interest:

Dom Polski
Polska Rozana
Butchery and Wine
Zielnik Cafe
U Kucharzy

Pod Aniolami
Pod Baranem
Miod Malina

Please let me know your opinions on the above and any other recommendations you may have.
Also please tell me where i can find a restaurant that served the best sausages (kielbasa) and if there is a period in the summer during which many restaurants are closed.

Thank you

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  1. You've missed the two best restaurants in Warsaw: Atelier Amaro (by far the finest restaurant in Poland, reservations need to be made a couple of weeks in advance) and Na Zielney (last November the concierges of Warsaw's top hotels voted it most impressive restaurant in Warsaw).

    1. In Krakow the only of those that we went to was Pod Baranem but we really liked it. It was a little overly formal but we had a couple of meat dishes with really wonderful sauces. They were wild boar and venison dishes (since Pod Baranem specializes in game) and the sauces were amazingly rich and complex.

      I don't know if they're going now but the best kielbasa we had were on the street out of a blue van by a bridge...

      1. Hi there! I'm wondering how your Poland trip was. My husband and I will be traveling to Warsaw and maybe Krakow in early 2013 and I'd love to hear any other advice.

        What other restaurants or foodie markets/places did you find in Warsaw?

        1. My all time favorite is Chlopskie Jadlo at Świętego Jana 3, we go there every time we make a visit to Krakow. You can actually inflate from the salad bar to begin with, and you haven't even tried the traditional dishes! Unfortunately I haven't tried the others on your list so can't tell opinions.

          1. In Krakow a week ago and had a wonderful dinner at Pod Baranem. I was so intrigued with the flavors in the beetroot soup that our waiter told me all the ingredients. Heavenly!