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Jan 30, 2004 12:51 PM

Mexican Food in San Diego

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Can someone recommend a really good, authentic Mexican restaurant in San Diego?

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  1. Depends upon what you consider authentic, where you are and what kind of food you want to eat.

    Most authentic - Super Comdia on University around 37th, next door to an asian restaurant supply house

    Pretty darn good - El Rodeo across the street from Hoover High

    Really good fish tacos and other unusual burritos - El Zarape, end of Park Blvd. right before it dead-ends into Adams Ave

    Good imitation of Mexican street food - Las Cuatros Milpas in the Barrio

    Carnitas - Carnitas Uruapan in Lemon Grove or Tijuana, Por Venir in the South Bay, Porkyland with locations in the South Bay and La Jolla. El Cuervo in Hillcrest

    Do a Ctrl-F search for North County recommendations. There are many and they all sound really good

    You can find Mexican food on 3 out of 4 street corners in most of San Diego. Most of it is "decent" at best, some of it is really good, little of it is truly awful.

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      "Super Comedia" is actually named Super Cocina @ 3627 University Ave.

      1. re: notjustastomach're right. The coffee never kicked in this morning (sigh)

    2. this is our favorite husband and i use Rancho la Lena as our benchmark for mexican food. cant vouch for its "real-ness". its just darned good food, served by nice people.

      Rancho La Leña
      2367 San Diego Avenue
      San Diego, CA 92110
      (619) 298-4514

      they serve breakfast (order the chilaquiles), lunch and dinner (shrimp cocktail and the combo taco plate)

      Link: http://entertainment.signonsandiego.c...

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