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Jun 13, 2012 12:56 PM

Looking for: good quality juice oranges (Long Island)

Any suggestions? I've been to a number of stores (Best Ever markets, Fruit Tree, and others) where what they call "juice oranges" are basically seconds--that is, mediocre quality oranges they feel they can't sell for eating out of hand. Otherwise, they stock navels.

I even saw in one supermarket (I think Chow's TOS prevents me from naming) where they'd repackaged small, blemished navels as juice oranges--the oranges still had the 4-digit PLU codes on them, used when selling them individually (to top it off, the labels were from a California grower, but the oranges had been put into a plastic bag labeling them as a product of Florida).

These seconds had been so bad, I've seen clearly rotting fruit in the bin.

Who has nice-quality oranges for juicing?

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  1. I always got them at Associated on Grand Avenue in Baldwin or Fairway in Plainview.

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      Thanks. I've given Fairway a try so far. About average quality for what I've seen (no bad ones), but more expensive than the average.