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Jun 13, 2012 12:38 PM

best veggie franks

What are the best kosher veggie franks? Has anyone compared Zogolos, Tivall, Smart Dogs?

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  1. There really aren't any good ones. There are some passable sausages but they still fail in the texture department (e.g. Tofurkey's Italian Sausage are passable when used as an ingredient in a dish but aren't all that great by themselves).

    As an aside, I don't get the fascination with Tivall on this board. All the ones I've tried are flavorless.

    1. I really like Yves Veggie Cuisine "Good Dog"- they are ou pareve. I buy them in Fairway.
      Of the ones that you mentioned, I have only tried Smart Dogs and they were very rubbery.

      1. I have tried all of them. Tivall wins hands down. I cook them in the oven which i think makes a difference to their flavor.

        1. This is going to be very basic, due to a personal observation on vegetarian sausages- make sure that what you get doesn't end up looking like turds. Sorry, but it happened to me, I couldn't quite handle it.

          1. My favorite is the "Good Dogs" by LiteLife. I saw this with one caveat. They're delicious when grilled but not so much when prepared other ways. Then again, I was raised only eating hot dogs (meat or veg) grilled so I find the texture of other hot dogs to be weird.