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Jun 13, 2012 12:37 PM

Suggestion for a quickly prepared lunch which can be done ahead of time

I know that's awkwardly worded. Sorry I couldn't do better!

In any case, I will be preparing lunch Sunday for five people. I will arrive at home with my guests, having been gone since early morning.

Furthermore, I will be away from home most of Friday, most of Saturday, arriving back home late that night, and will need to leave again early Sunday.

So basically I have tomorrow to shop and do most of the preparations.

There's always steak and roasted potatoes but that doesn't sound good to me for Sunday lunch.

I could also shop this evening and put something in the freezer.

Any ideas for this situation? I think I am having a mental block!

Thank you!

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  1. You could always look at crock-pot recipes -- assuming you own a slow cooker -- and try to time something to be hot and ready when your guests arrive. :)

    1. What about some kind of chicken or pasta salad? You could make the whole thing ahead of time, or, assemble the parts ahead of time and put them all together right before you eat.

      Do you have a grill? Some kind of grilled skewer could be good. I've made this a number of times, cooked both outside on a grill and inside on a grill pan. You don't need to marinate it for long at all. These are also good, I've done on a grill and baked in the oven: Serve it with a salad and you're all set.

      1. How about a lovely soup and a quiche. Both can be prepared ahead and warmed up very quickly.

        1. How about a Thai green curry? You can cook it tomorrow and then refrigerate. It will be even better by the time you re-heat it on Sunday. Cook some rice when you get home Sunday. Maybe roast some pineapple while you're eating lunch and serve it on ice cream for dessert.

          1. Composed salad - such as Salade Nicoise or a Chicken and Peach Salad (recipe on Real Simple uses rotisserie chicken).

            Quiche that you serve room temp with a salad.

            Pressed sandwich like a Pan Bagnat. Melissa Clark recipe is good.

            Cold poached salmon.