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Jun 13, 2012 12:35 PM

Dinner with Kids (Arlington or DC)

My sister and her family are coming to visit me. I'm living the kid-free life in Courthouse/Clarendon, and am not totally sure what places would be appropriate to bring the kids for dinner (ages 4 and 7). I know there are some obvious choices (like the Cheesecake Factory), but I'm curious if anyone has any other thoughts. I'm open to anything on the Orange Line (Arlington, Downtown or Capitol Hill).

Also, if anyone has any thoughts on a place like the Tabard Inn or Old Ebbitt Grill with kids, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks!

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  1. I've done Old Ebbitt Grill with kids (age 6 and up) before.
    Wintout knowing the kids and eating preferences, Ckyde's at Gallery Place would be fine too.

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    1. re: allicam

      Lyon Hall is good for kids and is awesome for adults too.

    2. For kids in Arlington who are less obsessed with Thai and Bangkok Golden than mine currently are, I'd pick Pietanza, but it's not walkable from Metro. Up in Clarendon, my kids like Liberty Tavern (dinner and brunch) and sort of like Pete's (they really only like Pupatella, which again isn't walkable from Metro). Capitol Hill is good for pizza and milkshakes at We the Pizza and Good Stuff Eatery. Not sure I'd take them to Tabard Inn, except maybe for brunch. If you're going to Dupont, we like the Phillips/Teasim combo outing, with a side of farmer's market on Sun. and maybe a trip to Kramer's Books. Have fun!

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      1. If you are looking for cheap, delicious, and highly accommodating, maybe Kabob Bazaar in Clarendon would suit your family.

        Eating outside at Lyon Hall is a favorite of mine. The shortrib frankfurter is great.

        The large dumplings (manti) at Cafe Assorti are excellent.

        Really, I think almost anyplace in Clarendon/Courthouse is fine with kids, from Rays to the Third and Pho 75 to Nam Viet and Pete's Apizza.

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          If you can get to PieTanza you'll find that it is flooded with kids for dinner on the weekends. Closer to a metro, my kids like Liberty Tavern, and we've had good luck taking them to Tandoori Nights in Clarendon (though I like it less than they do). They'd also be fine at Guajillo.

          1. re: whimsey

            Guajillo is not great for kids. I'd only go to Lyon hall for lunch, it is more of a singles scene for dinner. Petes, whitlows, pf changs, silver diner are all good for kids, but food is not great at any of them. Pets is probably the best of the bunch. Clydesdale knows how to treat families. New district taco near metro center is also a good bet.

            1. re: rappel75

              Lyon Hall has sidewalk seating that is good for kids. No 'scene' on the sidewalk.

        2. There were lots of kids and families at Seventh Hill (Eastern Market Metro station) when we were there a few weeks ago. The staff were very good with the kids, too, I noticed.