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Jun 13, 2012 12:28 PM

Santa Ynez: Dog-friendly wineries?

I'm heading to Santa Ynez and bringing along a dog. I'm researching dog-friendly wineries and, while I need to call each to actually confirm, have found promising info on the following as being options:

Fess Parker

Does anyone have any knowledge of other properties being dog-friendly?

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  1. I'm pretty sure most wineries and tasting rooms allow dogs. I've been all over with friends and their dog and we never had a problem. Many wineries have resident dogs of their own so it would really surprise me to see any place with a no dogs allowed policy.

    1. Practice varies among wineries due to health Dept. regulations. Few allow pets in SLO County.Check where ever you plan to visit.

      1. The difference for us (both practically and we've noticed in attitudes at wineries) if you can taste outside, they are usually happy to accommodate. Dogs in the tasting room can be a more dicey proposition, for the happiness of the dog, the crowd, and the wine room staff.

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          It might help if tthe dog owner and dog can visit during the week vs a Saturday. It would be alot easier to accomodate them...most winemakers have dogs- you be suprised how many tasting room employees bring their own to work...

          1. re: OldJalamaMama

            I will be visiting mid-week, so hopefully it's more lax!

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            Thanks for the tip on tasting outside - I certainly understand why dogs inside tasting rooms is not ideal for all!

            **Any thoughts on wineries with outside tasting options??**

          3. Also note that some wineries are clearly going to the dogs, but you'll probably be able to spot those.

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            1. Trending....... more and more people asking about and taking dogs to restaurants. I wonder what is behind this. Common practice in Europe for generations. Not so in the US.

              But in the past few years it is now expected to bring dogs into formerly prohibited settings. What basically has changed? Regulations? Lack of enforcement? Fad? Fewer children and more pets?

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              1. re: glbtrtr

                Fad. Dogs are the new kids. At least while people can still afford them.

                Many wineries have CATS. Also, if there is a resident dog, visitors can challenge or be challenged. Dog Fight!

                1. re: toodie jane

                  We've been traveling/dining with our dogs ever since we've had them so I guess it doesn't feel like a fad to me.