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Jun 13, 2012 11:07 AM

Pizza - Chicago Deep Dish and Thin

I'll be in Chicago for a two day business trip in late June -- my first to the city. I can't imagine coming to Chicago and not trying some authentic Chicago pizza - plus I love a good pizza. I'm staying at the Four Seasons on East Delaware and want to try both deep dish and thin crust Chicago pizza. I'd love suggestions for great Chicago deep dish and thin pizza. Places within walking distance of the Four Seasons or a short (20 min.) cab ride would be especially appreciated.


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  1. My top spots for the various available styles:

    Deep Dish - Pequod's in Lincoln Park or any of the Lou Malnati's

    Neapolitan Thin - Spacca Napoli in Ravenswood (probably 25-30min cab)

    Cracker-crust Thin - Pat's Pizza in Lincoln Park

    NY Style thin - Cafe Luigi in Lincoln Park

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      Some more choices for Chicago Deep dish - Pizzeria Uno and and its sister restaurant Pizzeria Due - the birthplace of Chicago Deep Dish - Lou Malnati was a pizza chef at Pizzeria Uno's, Pizzano's -, - Pizzanos and Lou Malnatis also make a great thin crust

      You can also try another chicago original - stuffed pizza and some of the better offerings are Bacinos and Giordanos