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Jun 13, 2012 11:01 AM

Dinner Tuesday Night LES

Hi. Im going to an art exhibit on Tuesday in the LES with my potential boss and I need a recommendation for dinner. We will eat around 9. I tried to make a reservation for acme or il buco ( not in the les but my potential boss wanted to try them) but theyre packed. Last two times I had dinner after an opening over there I went to Little Giant and Falai but I have not been there in a while. Any recs?

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  1. Fat Radish is showing availability at 9 on opentable...I've been hearing good things. maybe 'inoteca? WD-50 has a 9:30 but maybe you could get in and sit at the bar.

    1. Stanton social or Beauty & Essex if you are okay with a scene (sounds like you are since you tried for acme). both have 9pm on opentable

      1. Sadly, both Falai and Little Giant have closed - particularly sadly in the case of the former. Looks like that 9:30 spot at WD-50 is already gone - they'd have been the only place to really compare to Falai in the immediate area, but now that they're tasting-menu-only the price point is a bit higher. Also, you might not be down for multi-course tasting menus. Dining at the bar isn't a bad idea (you can order a la carte at the bar only) but you never know... it could be busy, it could be empty. Sounds like you'd rather have a sure thing.

        There are two Il Bucos - Il Buco Alimentari (the one that just got the three-star review in the NYT, probably the one your boss was talking about) has an opening at 9:00 on Opentable, while the "regular" Il Buco has one at 9:45, and Acme has one at 10:00 if you can eat a little later - just grab drinks somewhere beforehand.

        A few other places with openings in the area worth considering:
        Empellon Cocina
        Beauty & Essex (probably not as "sceney" on a Tuesday night, but you never know)
        Public (great room/scene, a bit more adventurous food)