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Jun 13, 2012 10:54 AM

Do you decant your canned soda beverages before partaking?

I know someone who refuses to drink soda straight from the can.

And it's not for fear of the germs touching them lips, he believes soda benefits from "breathing".

I find this odd.

But then I find many things odd -- like people's aversion to salt and MSG (but that's a whole different thread entirely.)

So, I ask my fellow 'Hounds ... do you decant? If you don't decant, do you find it odd that someone would insist on decanting a canned soda?

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  1. I have never thought to decant soda and have always felt it starts losing a bit of that refreshing crispness almost as soon as it's open. I like my soda a few degrees above freezing (some ice chunks are not necessarily a bad thing) and popping with that carbonated goodness.

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    1. I do both, and I like soda both ways...

      I have to agree with your friend, though because they are two completely different experiences...soda definitely tastes different from a glass

      1. I prefer my soda out of the can, over ice. Not because I think it benefits from "breathing" but because it gives me fewer belches that way. :-D

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          You decant wine, but you decan soda.


        2. Definitely need to have my soda in a glass. Not because it needs to breath, but because I just can't swallow the bubbles right from the can. I feel like I'm choking.

          1. Once I got a soda from a machine and it had a bee in it that was still alive. Barely alive, but still wriggling a little bit. It was caramel colored.

            I happen to like eating bees so I have continued to drink straight from the can.