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Jun 13, 2012 10:41 AM

Good caterer in the Outer Banks...

I'm thinking of having a 50-ish person reception at a large beach home in the Outer Banks. Any suggestions for really good catering companies or restaurants that cater? We are already planning to do BBQ and have our place for that. I'm thinking pretty casual, buffet or stations. Would love a crab set up or other seafood.


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  1. Kelly's does a good job with catering out of Nag's Head. Where in the outer banks? That's a large swath of beach

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    1. Wes Stepp at Red Sky Cafe' in Duck is fabulous for catering. Also, Cafe' LaChine in Nags Head is new and getting rave reviews. Metropolis in Corolla is great too.

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        Thanks! I'll check those out. I have heard back from Lone Cedar and Black Pelican; anyone have any thoughts on those?

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          I haven't had Lone Cedar's catering, but their restaurant is good for simply prepared fresh food. Black Pelican does good their blackened Tuna and crab preparations. Let us know who you go will be interesting to see how it goes! Good Luck!

      2. I was also going to suggest Mike Kelly's. I used him for a reception a few years ago and it was absolutely fanfreakintastic. You can't go wrong there.

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          We had a Thanksgiving meal for the family there years ago. Kelly's is so far above the bar it is incredible. It was a buffet style Thanksgiving meal with endless Oysters Rockafellla, and beef , and OMG. The buffet circled the block (exaggerating ;) Quality place!