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Jun 13, 2012 09:58 AM

Top Foodie Deals on the Strip please!!

We will be in Vegas next month, staying at Paris. We love buffets so we'll likely get the BoB card. For our other meals, we're looking for simple tasty fare that is budget-friendly (under $20 per entree), any cuisine, and on the Strip (no car). So far, we have these on our list: Grand Lux Cafe, Du-Par's (plan to visit Fremont St one day), Border Grill, a hidden pizza joint at Cosmo, and Noodle Asia. What else should we check out? Also, anyone know where we can get a good cheap steak dinner? Thanks!!

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  1. About 1/2 mile off the Strip, behind Ballys, is Ellis Island Casino. In addition to being a casino, they microbrew their own beer and root beer. They have an off the menu steak special that's available 24/7. You have to ask for the steak special. The special includes a twenty ounce microbrewed beer or root beer, soup or salad, ten ounce top sirloin, garlic green beans, and choice of rice or potato. All for $7.99. Ellis Island has some really good BBQ. The BBQ starts at 4:00 pm. They starry giving out the numbers for the BBQ at 3:30 pm. Get the players' card for the discount at the BBQ. With the players' card you get a whole rack of baby back ribs, corn on the cob, cole slaw, baked beans and garlic bread for $12.99.

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      Thanks! So would it be best to grab a cab to get to Ellis Island?

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        It's about a 10-15 minute walk so it's walkable certain times of the year. It'll probably be 105+ degrees out a month from now, so I'd suggest a cab...

    2. Perhaps nothing more budget-friendly on the Strip than Tacos El Gordo, just north of the Wynn/Encore (the Strip bus stops right in front). If you are looking for a reasonable steak, it would be worth checking out the "Cut of the Week" deal at Charlie Palmer Steak (Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay). Unlimited wine, and some creative preparations by Steve Blandino and his crew (this week's menu can be found here - ( ).

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        Wow, $2 for an authentic Mexican taco.. sounds too good to pass up! Thanks.

      2. Your list looks pretty decent. I'd pass on Grand Lux myself though. It's not necessarily bad, it just reminds me of a Cheesecalke Factory and there's better food to be had.
        Check out the asian joints on Spring Mountain. It's a short cab ride and the cheap eats will more than make up for the cab fare.
        Also, Musashi on Paradise has teppan lunch specials from 11am-2pm if I recall correctly. The most expensive teppan lunch special is steak and shrimp with fried rice, veggies, and soup for $17, I think. They also run those same lunch specials late night from midnight to 3am.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! We love Asian food, so I will have to look into what the best places are on Spring Mountain. And I keep hearing rave reviews about Lotus of Siam -- how long would it take to cab it there from Paris? And what's the best time to show up for dinner without having to wait in line too long?!

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            Countless places on Spring Mountain. They're all about 2-3 miles from the Paris hotel. My go-to's are Pho Kim Long at Spring Mtn and Wynn for pho. They're open 24 hours and have a huge menu.
            Cathay House on Spring Mtn just past Decatur (NOT the one in the Palms) is excellent for Cantonese style chinese food. They do all the standards, full dim sum during lunch, and limited dim sum steamed/fried to order all the time. Open until 5am.

            LOS is worth a visit. The spicy squid salad, crspy duck, and the egg noodles with panang short ribs are probably my three favorite dishes. Lots of other good stuff there too. The cab ride is maybe 10-15 minutes from the Paris. There's pretty much always a wait so I'd suggest reservations unless you feel like drinking at the gay bar a couple doors down while you wait - the drinks are really cheap and the pours are heavy.

            1. re: fledflew

              Pho ... mmmm!! And the more I read about LOS on chowhound, the more I want to go there! Thanks for the menu suggestions!!

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                Pho Kim Long is our go to BREAKFAST place- don't laugh, summer rolls, and their outstanding PHO make an amazing breakfast. And you'll be surprised how crowded it is at 7:30AM!!. Tbey serve their full menu after 11AM until closing.

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                  I've added this place to my list! They are open 24 hrs, correct? Their menu sounds delish! Thanks!

                  1. re: f00die

                    Yep, they're open 24 hours....great place to work off you're hangover!! And reasonably priced as well!!

          2. re: fledflew

            " I'd pass on Grand Lux myself though. It's not necessarily bad, it just reminds me of a Cheesecalke Factory and there's better food to be had."

            Yeah, there is a reason for that...


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              Ahh... that explains a lot. Thanks.

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                So I guess I should plan to share my entree if I go to Grand Lux! Or not go there after gorging at a buffet!! :)

            2. I am surprised no one has mentioned the $20 lunch special at Milos in the Cosmopolitan. You get a three course prix fixe for $20.12 that's very much foodie fare!!

              +1 for Pho Kim Long - my goto place for Vietnamese.

              +1 for LOS - my favourite Thai in town...when I can think to plan a day ahead to make a booking!!