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Jun 13, 2012 09:45 AM

Sunday Dinner for Grandfather's birthday

Hi all,

It's Gramps' birthday this Sunday and I am in dire need of restaurant advice. Guests will be myself, girlfriend and brother (all mid twenties) with my parents (~50) and my elderly grandparents and great aunt. My grandparents are extremely picky and their palate is generally limited to traditional European food.

Due to their age and tastes my usual staples like Europea, D'N'A, L'orignal, Griffintown Cafe, Tuck Shop and the like are out of the question.

I'm hoping to avoid another mediocre meal, past birthday restaurants have included: Casa Minhota, Cafe Campagnolla (in LaSalle), Tasca (quite possible montreal's worst portuguese restaurant),

Any suggestions of decent restaurants with good portion sizes that are likely to please older guests while also offering something good for the rest of us would be greatly appreciated. No sushi, no portuguese.

If all else fails...we'll take them to Icehouse, if only to see their reaction when the fried chicken is dumped on the table.

Thanks all

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  1. Howsabout Polish - usually a good meat&potatoes choice for older folks with a few interesting choices in the mix. Me? I like Mazurka which has affordable wine. Stash isn't bad, perhaps more flash and a touch pricier.
    Or traditional Cantonese. My mother-in-law is kind of old fashioned (she's 84 - so I have a bit of experience in this area.....) but she likes Beijing in Chinatown. Of course we get canadianized dishes for her (breaded shrimp, chicken fried rice, lemon chicken, chicken chop suey on Cantonese noodles, etc) and we order different. Cheap, good value, wine/beer (you can arrange for an after-dinner cake).
    Old standby - Chalet BBQ on Sherbrooke. OK, not the fanciest place for a celebration, but I find older folks really appreciate this place (beer&wine as well).
    Bring-your-own-wine Casa Grecque. OK, perhaps on the mediocre side, but their menu is safe and generally appealing to picky eaters.
    I don't know if mobility is an issue with you guys (my mother-in-law has a hard time with stairs), but these places are generally easy to get in and out of (ground floor @ Mazurka, 3 steps into Beijing, front entrance of Chalet, and ground level @ Casa Greque.....)

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      +1 for Chalet. My parents had their wedding reception at Chalet BBQ back in the 70s and every time there's a special occasion they always ask to go there.

    2. This may be a bit out of the way, but when I think about dining for the elderly, I think about Restaurant Le Bordelais on Gouin in Bordeaux-Cartierville. I grew up nearby and everytime I went with my family, it seemed as if most of the clientele had white hair. Evidently, it's a French restaurant offering classic dishes. I've never had a bad experience there, having salmon with hollandaise or duck magret. The setting is really pretty too, with the river nearby and a lot of flowers.

      One thing that's particular about this place is that they make desserts like crepe Suzette flambee the old fashion way in front of the diners.

      1. I've brought the world's pickiest eaters to Lemeac and everyone has always loved it. That would have my vote.

        1. In the end I opted to take them to L'Orignal...and everyone loved it!

          My grandparents both had the Short Ribs platter which they enjoyed and thanks to the generous portion sizes left them very satisfied.

          Being one of my MTL favorites, I was glad to see that my usually difficult to satisfy grandparents enjoyed it, and this will probably be the default for occasions now.

          Lemeac is a good suggestion, thanks!