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Jun 13, 2012 09:29 AM

NEW BBQ in Montclair - Indigo Kitchen

So, a lot of new BBQ places popping up lately.. as many new ones as ones that are closing, it seems.

While I don't live anywhere near Montclair, I found this article quite by accident, and thought I'd post:

Sounds very promising! Anyone been? Might be a good contender for a BBQ Crawl.

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  1. I work 10 mintes from here. The menu looks interesting, but don't get why you can't get certain foods at lunch time. I'd go with co-workers, but we would want to order from the dinner menu! I am outting this on our list of places to try. They have liked all of the places I dragged them to so far.

    1. I hear very mixed reviews but it is new so maybe still working kinks out.

      1. This is the...third (?) incarnation of Indigo was always v good, service always insanely slow, and the location a tough one because of parking. Hopefully this one works on all counts!

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        1. re: Curlz

          Does anyone know what Lance, former owner of Indigo Smoke, is doing? A great chef and a nice guy!

        2. Nice to see Indigo back in Montclair, and nice to have one less vacancy on Bloomfield Ave. That said, our go-to place for obscenely good barbecue is Wood Pit, further down on Bloomfield Ave. Their website:

          The best barbecue - chicken, ribs, brisket, sauces, sides - I've ever had. Downside - not the greatest area at night, and parking is somewhat limited. But that's true anywhere on Bloomfield Ave. So while we're glad Indigo is back, we'll likely be sticking with Wood Pit.

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          1. re: stevenb30

            I found the Woodpit to be mediocre and quite expensive. I remember Indigo smoke from several years back and the food was always very good and prices were fair. I never really had the service issues other people mention.