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Jun 13, 2012 09:24 AM

Burger King unveils new bacon sundae and more!

I might try the bacon sundae. Denny's had something similar.. I tried one, it was pretty good. This looks better, though.

I kinda have high hopes for the pulled pork sandwich, as BK's ribs were really good last year.

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  1. And BK's "Chef's Choice" burgers SOUND good on paper. But it turned out paper tastes better. BK can mess up ANYTHING.

    1. I stopped on the way home from work today to try one and it was not exactly what I was expecting. The advertised bacon crumbles were missing in action so, I basically had a sundae with some chocolate and caramel sauce with a few bacon pieces on top. I was really missing those bacon crumbles; I think it would have helped.

      1. Stopped at BK last night for a late dinner. Pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, bacon sundae (I sharedthe meal with my SO).

        I have been one of BK's biggest detractors ( but I gotta say I enjoyed it. The fries were thin and crispy (a bit salty), the pulled pork was tasty, and the sundae was good. If you accept this for what it is and dont try to compare to your fav BBQ joint, you might be pleasently suprised.

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          The best part of BK for me is that their fries are so bad that I'm now in the habit of ordering just a whopper & drink - totally cut out the fried potato carbs & grease.