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Jun 13, 2012 09:17 AM

I'm going to be in Dublin from July 1st to the 5th - Pub & Restaurant suggestions please

I am going with a senior citizen and we would like to spend approx $20 Euros each for our meals. Could you recommend some places?

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  1. I think you may be better off posting on the London/Dublin board - but I travel to Ireland every year and here are a few of my favs:

    Monty's of Katmandu - Bono's fav restaurant - delicious Nepalese cuisine. Excellent Naan breads. Extremely reasonable!!

    Chatham Brasserie - right off of Grafton Street - the main shopping pedestrian thoroughfare - very good Irish meats with updated preparations - right about in your price range - may be the splurge meal - but for Dublin - it is relatively inexpensive -

    Eden in Temple Bar - where 1 course is about 20, 2 courses are 27 - very, very good!!

    And my fav - The Tea Room - which is in The Clarence Hotel - right on the River Liffey and owned by U2 - it is a lovely experience and right in your price range.

    And finally - if you are willing to travel - there is a pub with an all seafood menu - just as you get off the DART at Howth - and the seafood is sublime - this will be very inexpensive - but the best fresh fish experience I have ever had in Ireland - it is a fishermen's hangout! I just looked it up - it is actually called the The Fisherman's Bar - we ate on the bar side for lunch - more atmosphere.

    Have a blast!!! Dublin is an awesome place. I went to school there, became a citizen, and have never stopped going back. I love it! There's lots of good chow too.

    1. The Wine Cellar in 'Fallon & Byrne' on Exchequer St (does a wine deal on Monday nights - 1 euro corkage I think, if you buy a bottle off the shelf), followed by take-out Murphys ice-cream and/or coffee on Wicklow St. Fallon & Byrne has cheese plats and charcuterie which are great value to share and Murphys is down the road - pretend you're Italian by buying an after dinner gelato and stroll thru the city.
      Lunch or brunch in Avoca Cafe on Suffolk st is a lovely modern Irish place, Davy Byrnes Pub does good pub food, Stags Head pub for history as well as The Long Hall.
      Steps of Rome off Grafton St for lunch pizza by the slice or hearty lasagne for dinner.
      Bite on south Frederick st for fish, haven't been yet but 'they' say its good - its opposite Dunne and Crescenzi for good Italian.