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Jun 13, 2012 09:14 AM

Recs for celebratory work dinner - 20s or below

We are a group of 8-10 looking for a low-key place to celebrate the completion of a project - any type of cuisine is fine, budget probably under $75pp exclusive of tip/tax/drinks. Our main requirements are that we can be seated together (private/semi-private space, kitchen table or similar would be ideal) and that we can hear each other! Dos Caminos has been rejected on account of loudness. Despite my best efforts, Brooklyn has also been rejected, though I think the room in back of Frankies 457 would be ideal. Any tips are much appreciated!

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  1. What night (or nights) are you looking at? Reserving a group that large for, like, this weekend is going to severly limit your choices. If it's a month from now, you'll have better options. If you let us know when the dinner is we can look through the Opentable openings and have a better idea on what to suggest...

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      I haven't been too inspired by the OpenTable options, one problem is that a group of 8-10 exceeds the online reservation capacity for many places. Unfortunately it's for Thursday 6/28 - the purported planner of this event neglected to select a venue!

    2. What about Maialino? I know they have a nice private room overlooking the park in the back that would fit your group perfectly. I have no idea what there group menus are like but I think you should be able to get out under $75 a head no problem.

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        Maialino would exceed the OP's budget. For the private dining room, the dinner menus start at $95 per person.

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          Wow Really! I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up I've only been there with a party as big as five and things were quite reasonable compared to that.

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            Maialino's PDR is actually quite reasonable compared to Lincoln or Marea. Del Posto's PDR is astronomical.

            DBGB or Hearth might work for the OP.

      2. Chinatown Brasserie has a very nice small private room behind the bar. They will work with you on budget and customized menu. We held a celebratory event there for 15 people last year and had a great time. Early arrivers can hang out in the bar.