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Jun 13, 2012 08:43 AM

Must have grilling cookbooks?

Hi All - Happy to report that I just got my first grill. Obviously very excited to get my hands dirty and wanted to see if anyone had opinion on go-to grilling cookbooks. Any Joy of Cooking for the grill out there?

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  1. Well, DH loves his "Steven Raichlen Cookbook". It is a "How To Grill". Made lots of good stuff out of it.

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    1. re: boyzoma

      Agree with this. It was my first grilling book when I got my charcoal grill. Covers everything you need to get started and then some. I've now lent it to a friend who is starting to grill.

      1. re: nofunlatte

        Awesome .. thanks, guys. Might be a stupid question, but does it apply to gas grilling as well as charcoal, open pit, smoking, etc.?

        1. re: Big_Ben

          Yes. We mostly use gas, but we have a small charcoal one we sometimes use as well (especially when we travel). One of the first things you should try is the beer can chicken. Moist and juicy. With gas, it's easy to do a lot of indirect grilling and keep the temp. even.

    2. Chris Schlesinger's Thrill of the Grill is very good if you like his style of food which is pretty bold and uses lots of mangos for the salsas and sauces. Looks like the hardcover is out of print, but softcovers are available at ecookbooks.

      1. I have used a couple of books straight from Weber.

        Weber's Way To Grill.

        Weber's Time To Grill.

        Both books are good, and covers everything from setting up a grill to cooking or smoking somewhat complex recipes. Lots of good pictures too.