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Jun 13, 2012 08:35 AM

Help with Austin itinerary

Hi everyone,

First time in Austin - doing a foodie trip down there with a few like minded friends. These are very tentative plans for now but wanted to see if there are some glaring omissions or somewhere better I should go to. We are all from Toronto, late 20's, early 30's and love mexican and bbq, two cuisines which are woefully underrepresented in our city.

We all arrive on Friday - not everyone in the group arrives at same time, but I will be there the earliest, arriving around 11:30 a.m. at the airport. Was thinking that after I drop off my bags where we are residing (near E6th) I could simply go wait in line at J Muellers or stile switch to grab some brisket ahead of time to bring back to the house. But realistically I might not get to those spots untill 1:00 or 1:30 even. Will it all be sold out?

DINNER- would love to take the whole crew out to some awesome, kick ass tacos and beer. There is an embarassment of riches in Austin in regards to tacos, so I would love some help here. We are staying near E 6th but will have access to a car, and there will be up to 9 of us. I'm thinking more along the lines of a pure taqueria, or should we just bite the bullet and try a place like La Condessa or Fonda San Miguel? Really we just want incredible tacos and a good time, we don't need high end Mexican.


LUNCH - One of J Muellers/Opies or Stile Switch pick up and bring back to the house

DINNER - Reservations made at Uchiko for everyone!


LUNCH - Road trip to the salt lick (original location) for lunch

DINNER - Is there a place with kick ass food and beer where we could watch an NBA Finals game?


LUNCH - Thinking this would be the day to line up at Franklins (hoping less people than over the weekend)

Appreciate any input you could provide at all and look forward to visiting this beautiful city!

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  1. I used to live in Austin. I really don't think you can get a bad taco there anywhere. For down home Texas food, I always loved Threadgills for the chicken fried sirloin (went at least once a month). They also have a wealth of great vegetables and some great beers. I see they now have two locations. When I lived there, the only location was on North Lamar.


    1. strong chance of Mueller being out by the time you get there Friday. There's an embarrassment of great mexican and tex-mex places near where you are staying, hit Takoba for upscale or any of a bunch of east side taco places. someone will jump in here, I can't think of the one I like.
      Sat: Go to J Mueller. It's not even close.
      Sun: Cover 2 is the default choice for better than sports bar food and huge tvs.

      1. Unfortunately, Franklin is closed on Mondays.

        1. You might want to cross your fingers and zip by Franklin on your way to Mueller on Friday. It's rare, but happens sometimes, that there's a very short line. Yesterday I got in line just outside the door at about 12:45 and they still had brisket (but were out of ribs) around 1:15 when I ordered. You'll be able to tell from a drive-by: either there'll be a huge line, or there will be a "Sold Out" sign taped to the door.

          Re: NBA with great food and drink, I'll be watching this post for tips, as I haven't found the perfect solution yet. Cover 3 is decent but the space is kind of fancy-generic. You wouldn't necessarily feel like you're in Austin. Since you're staying near E. 6th, you might meander down to Rainey Street and try Bar 96, with Cazamance trailer for West African-ish food in back. http://www.cazamance.com/menu.php Good, not great, but more fun/relaxed than Cover 3.

          Have a great stay!

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            Thanks for the input guys, great to know about Franklin's. Oh God, it looks like a Saturday line up it will have to be. Will try to delegate someone to go at 10:00 a.m.

            Bar 96 sounds more like my crews speed than Cover 3. We are looking for more Austin experiences than a corporate type place like Cover.

            Any suggestions for awesome taco joints near E6th still very much appreciated.

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                I'm leaning toward Takoba for your taco experience, too. @NWLarry referred to it as "upscale," and I suppose it is compared to some of the more authentic taquerias in town, but it's very laid-back, nonetheless, with most of the seating being outdoors on a great patio. I have a friend who is Hispanic and a food photographer for Saveur, and she chose Takoba for her going-away party when she left Austin.

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                  Thanks guys I think I will definitely try out Takoba. Sounds just up our alley.

            1. Hopfields is not really a sports bar, but a tremendous beer bar (and a pretty good menu of French-inspired food). They've been putting on the NBA games lately. http://www.hopfieldsaustin.com and http://austin.taplister.com/bar/show/...