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Jun 13, 2012 07:48 AM

best bullion

I know it's best to have a great stock on hand at all times but for when that's not possible, what brand bullion do you find is high quality and not just a salt bomb? Looking for any type (veg, chicken, seafood, or beef)

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  1. Knorr's came out with the small liquid condensed stock called homestyle, I think. Smells like thanksgiving when you open it. Otherwise I like Better Than Bullion brand.

    1. Brand:

      Better than Bullion

      Main Ingredient:

      Chicken meat


      Available in most super markets throughout the country.

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      1. re: todao

        I agree. Better than Boullion. Pricier, but definitely worth it.

        1. re: todao

          They have a low(er)-salt chicken version which I quite like too. The beef version is pretty hideous, though -- tastes like soapy dishwater. Blech.

        2. I like Knorr's Homestyle stock and Swanson's Flavor Boost. Both are concentrated liquids. My local Grocery Outlet had them the last time I was there so I stocked up (no pun intended!) I like Better than Bouillon chicken flavor, but I don't care for the beef flavor. And avoid those little cubes at all costs.

          1. I keep two varieties of Knorr's Chicken stock ( powder ) in my is from an Asian Grocery store with Chinese writing and the other is from an Italian Market which is enhanced with tomato....Both are 32+ ounces and cost about 11-15 dollars. They both make great rice pilaf and are great for convenience.

            1. I love Innovative Flavor's products, and have used their chicken soup base exclusively for years. The one I like is under the Williams, West & Witt brand. Right now I have their chicken and beef soup bases, their Chef's Delight natural chicken soup base, and their vegetarian soup base. I pick them up whenever I get back home to Michigan City Indiana, where they are manufactured, but you can order online at