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best bullion

I know it's best to have a great stock on hand at all times but for when that's not possible, what brand bullion do you find is high quality and not just a salt bomb? Looking for any type (veg, chicken, seafood, or beef)

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  1. Knorr's came out with the small liquid condensed stock called homestyle, I think. Smells like thanksgiving when you open it. Otherwise I like Better Than Bullion brand.

    1. Brand:

      Better than Bullion

      Main Ingredient:

      Chicken meat



      Available in most super markets throughout the country.

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        I agree. Better than Boullion. Pricier, but definitely worth it.

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          They have a low(er)-salt chicken version which I quite like too. The beef version is pretty hideous, though -- tastes like soapy dishwater. Blech.

        2. I like Knorr's Homestyle stock and Swanson's Flavor Boost. Both are concentrated liquids. My local Grocery Outlet had them the last time I was there so I stocked up (no pun intended!) I like Better than Bouillon chicken flavor, but I don't care for the beef flavor. And avoid those little cubes at all costs.

          1. I keep two varieties of Knorr's Chicken stock ( powder ) in my pantry......one is from an Asian Grocery store with Chinese writing and the other is from an Italian Market which is enhanced with tomato....Both are 32+ ounces and cost about 11-15 dollars. They both make great rice pilaf and are great for convenience.

            1. I love Innovative Flavor's products, and have used their chicken soup base exclusively for years. The one I like is under the Williams, West & Witt brand. Right now I have their chicken and beef soup bases, their Chef's Delight natural chicken soup base, and their vegetarian soup base. I pick them up whenever I get back home to Michigan City Indiana, where they are manufactured, but you can order online at www.innovativeflavors.com.

              1. Knorr's "Caldo de Res" is quite good, you should be able to find it in the Mexican/Latin foods section of most supermarkets.

                1. Better Than Bullion has served me well for many years. I usually keep Beef, Ham, Vegetable and Chicken and now also have Lobster and Clam.

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                    a big +1....BTB is hands down the best product of it's type out there and it is primarily what I use when I need that type of product.
                    I also keep a can of Lee Kum Kee "chicken powder" on hand in the pantry; its certainly not in the same league as BYB or other such products (or even close, really), but nonetheless handy and tasty in certain dishes.

                  2. I have no preference in "bullion", which is metal. As for bouillon, the reduced sodium versions of Better than Bouillon, which come in chicken, beef, and vegetable. They make quite a few other varieties that are not available in reduced sodium. It should be noted that reduced does not mean low by any means. However, IME even their full sodium products are not as overtly salty tasting as other brands of bouillon and base that I have used.