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Jun 13, 2012 06:57 AM

Anniversary Dinner in Brooklyn

My husband and I are cebrating our second anniversary and want a delicious but low-key Brooklyn dinner. (Prune is one of our favorite spots, so something of that caliber and in that price range is ideal) We were thinking of Marlow & Sons or Diner, but does anyone have other great recommendations, especially in Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick? Thanks!

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  1. Dressler also falls into that category.

    1. If you really like Prune, I really recommend doing the Chef Tasting Menu at Battersby

      Normally you can't make reservations there, but it looks like you can now for the tasting
      please email:
      for pricing, chef’s table reservations, and beverage pairings.

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        JSfood is correct, in fact we just made reservations for the tasting menu at Battersby for our anniversary this coming Friday. Will report back!

      2. traif. a thousand times traif. it's slightly louder than would be desirable for an anniversary dinner, but the food is AMAZING.

        if you're more into intimate, romantic atmosphere i'd say zenkichi-- fancy japanese food with excellent sake pairings. dimly lit, secluded booths, great food.

        abistro is also amazing food, although not quite as intimate. it's not loud though. my favorite restaurant in brooklyn.

        i also think rye is very romantic but not as fancy as the places you mentioned-- the food there is reliable delicious and i love their cocktails.

        1. I just tried a new place you might consider -- Potlikker on Bedford Ave. Chef co-owner was same at Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint. Cuisine is of the caliber of any of Williamsburg's best restaurants and is eclectic and sharing-friendly. We had a delicious melon gazpacho, calamari salad, scallops and ribs. I'd highly recommend.

          1. If you are willing to head to South Slope, I think Applewood is great for an intimate dinner. Service is spot on without being obtrusive and the food is always slammin'! And they have some really good cocktails.