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Jun 13, 2012 06:45 AM

Can you substitute low fat milk in chocolate pudding?

I have a fabulous chocolate pudding that I want to make for a bbq this weekend. but it uses heavy cream. since several of the guests are doing weight watchers, I'd like to substitute lowfat or skim milk. Will it work?

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  1. It is my understanding that if you go below 2% that it will not set properly however since this particular recipe calls for heavy cream I'd be hesitant to sub lowfat milk for taste/texture reasons as well.

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      Agree. You are better off following a recipe that calls for a low fat milk. Like this:


      and Smitten Kitchen has a version on her website that works well too.

    2. Since puddings thicken through the use of eggs or corn starch as an ingredient, using low fat milk in place of the cream should not make a huge difference in anything but the richness of texture and "creaminess" of the dessert. However, inasmuch as the amount of pudding you might have in one serving should not be a mortal sin in the eyes of weight watchers for one meal, I'd stick with the recipe as written.

      1. Here is the recipe. http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.co.... It's from Home restauranat in Manhattan. It is so much better than any other pudding I have ever had, so I would love to make it work. Any suggestions? How about 2% milk or whole milk?

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          Maybe fat free evaporated milk? It won't be the same, but since you have the eggs to thicken it, it might help.

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            That's a good question. I was prepared to say "SURE, I make pudding with skim milk all the time", but after looking at the recipe, i really wouldn't call that a pudding, I'd call it a pot de creme or something similar. Since there's no flour or cornstarch to help it set up, I'm a little unsure how it would work. I will say that I often make a quiche with skim milk from a recipe that calls for half and half, and it sets up OK, but is always at risk of being a little watery. It certainly does not have the silky-smooth texture of quiche made w/ cream.

            If you decide to experiment w/ low fat, please report back!

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              I agree, this is a baked egg custard or pot de creme; I would not recommend substitutions. A pudding thickened with cornstarch would be more forgiving. In that case the cream adds a richness, but is not essential to the thickening.

            2. I would make the full fat version for the guests who will eat it and I would make Dr. Oetker light chocolate mousse for the weight watchers. http://www.oetker.us/en/product/desse....

              1. thanks for all the feedback! I am going to try substituting a blend of whole and 2% milk. I'll use really good chocolate and hope the taste covers for any texture changes. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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                  When in doubt, half the recipe and do a test run. Hate to see you use up good ingredients if the results aren't to your liking...especially for a party.