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Jun 13, 2012 06:26 AM

in search of decent weekday breakfast options in downtown Montreal

I've read the long best breakfast thread a few times.

L'Universel on Peel is decent for a basic breakfast, Reuben's is ok for bacon & eggs, Cafe Vasco da Gama is fine for an upscale European continental breakfast, Mangia is fine or a pastry on-the-go and Renoir is great for an expense account breakfast, but I'm wondering what other decent or good breakfasts are available on weekdays.

Ideally, I'd be looking for a place south of Sherbrooke, north of St. Catherine, east of Guy and west of McGill College.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Other than the ones you mentionned, there's the newly opened maison boulud at the Ritz that offers breakfast, similar in price to Renoir, l'Aromate corner Metcalfe and Maisonneuve also offers breakfast. Anton & James on Stanley for continental breakfast and coffee

    I haven't tred any of those, but these are suggestions as you've tried pretty much what there is in that area

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      Thanks westaust. I will add your suggestions to my list, and hopefully try some of your suggestions on my next trip.

      I had dinner at the new location of L'Aromate in April. I thought the quality of the food was ok, but not great. The breakfast menu looks interesting:

    2. Olivier Potier opens at 7h30. Nocochi opens at 8h. I'm certain there are many others.

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      1. There's also Cocktail Hawaii for a good sweet breakfast - crepes with fruit & achta are great, as are their fruit-cocktail drinks. Kitchy surroundings and it's just a tad outside your boundaries, just west of Guy on de Maisonneuve.

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          thanks for mentioning the dishes you like- I'd read some of the reviews- will have to check this place out one of these days. I certainly don't mind recs outside my boundaries, just a guide. I often walk the 20 minutes to Le Cartet or the Faubourg from my hotel. I just wanted some ideas a little closer to where I'll be staying!

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            M on de Maisonneuve has a decent breakfast.

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              What is M and where on De Maisonneuve is it located?

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                M Cafe Corner of de la Montagne. A litte expensive but a good breakfast.
                I still recommend Ncochi on the corner of Mackay and Sherbrooke though. Nice and quiet. Again pricey but worth it.

              2. re: williej

                Thanks for recommending M Cafe. I thought the food was quite good. Prices were reasonable for downtown, with most breakfast dishes around $10-$12. Our table tried the French Toast with maple syrup, Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and a fruit crepe with creme anglaise ('La Delice'). Our coffee was included. I'm not sure whether the included coffee was a server oversight, or whether coffee is always included with their breakfast mains, since I didn't notice anything written about the coffee being included on the menu. Better value than most hotel breakfasts, and better food than the breakfast chains.

                Cafe Vasco da Gama on Peel serves a nice, light, upscale yet casual breakfast downtown. The Vasco da Gama breakfast menu is more interesting to me, but the prices are considerably higher than M Cafe. While I like the food more at Vasco da Gama, I'd be more likely to return to Cafe M for a quick breakfast downtown. In addition to providing better value (for a more basic breakfast), Cafe M is not as noisy or bustling as Vasco da Gama, making Cafe M's breakfast a more relaxed experience for me, and allowing for easier conversation at the table.I guess the trick is to visit Cafe Vasco da Gama after the breakfast rush is over, but before the lunch rush begins.

          2. Enjoyed my baked eggs with duck confit and potatoes ($16), as well as the complimentary basket of pastries, at Maison Boulud. Beautiful setting for breakfast. Our servers were professional and friendly, and the prices were slightly more reasonable than the breakfast at Renoir. Proper, delicious hollandaise on my friends Eggs Benedictines (including both peameal bacon and spinach). I'll be back next time I'm looking for a deluxe breakfast downtown.

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            1. re: prima

              I'll make sure I remember the place if ever I'm looking to pay $24 for "two eggs any style".

              1. re: SnackHappy

                I only order the "fancypants" breakfasts at places that offer "fancypants" breakfasts, so I didn't try the "2 eggs any style".

                That being said, the fresh-squeezed OJ at Maison Boulud ($5.50) was a bigger serving and better price than the fresh-squeezed OJ has been running at some restos in NYC (some places are charging $9, and I believe one place charged $11 for a bottomless glass of OJ on my last visit) and TO (usually around $6, but usually a smaller serving than Maison Boulud in my experience).

                While $20-$25 (before tip and tax)/person for breakfast probably sounds excessive to someone who lives in Montreal and can dine at neighbourhood places serving reasonably-priced breakfasts, the breakfast at Maison Boulud was a better food value than the cost of most nearby downtown hotel resto buffet breakfasts we've tried, which often run around $15-$20 (before tip and tax/person for under-ripened, imported melon, mediocre sausage and scrambled eggs, etc.

                1. re: prima

                  5.50 or even 9$ OJ in NYC is still much better than former MP Bev Oda's 16$ OJ at the Savoy!!

                  I agree though it might be more expensive than many places, i'd rather pay the premium to eat lovely benedicts there than a place like Cora where you're unsure of the result, and price isn't particularly cheap

            2. this is a bit further west than you mentioned but last weekend did try the brunch at Park restaurant on Victoria in Westmount and was disappointed with choices and one meal was cold also tried the Chez Nicks on Greene but again nothing special. Just seems to be little choice downtown. Sometimes I have just gone to Belle Province on Peel which serves a decent plain breakfast at good prices.
              Apollo a little west of Mcgill College serves weekend brunch but not yet tried it.