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Jun 13, 2012 05:43 AM

Shopsin’s is closed…new option?

I have my eating agenda set for the week; however there seems to be one glitch in the schedule. Shopsins is closed on Thursday due to vacation time. My daughter and her friend(they will be one of the two million screaming girl teens at the Justin Beiber concert in RFC….pray for me.... I am may need a drink at breakfast) are requesting nutella pancakes/french toast or red velvet pancakes/waffles. Price and location are not an issue, we will travel for great food.
Also, one addtioinal request...we will be walking thorugh Chinatown on Friday. Is there a spot that serves similar meat filled (duck) pancakes as Vanessa's Dumplings?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. This is going to be tough because you're looking for a weekday and not a weekend. Some places do have these sorts of items but only on weekends.

      Co-Op Food and Drink (never been) has red velvet pancakes listed on their BRUNCH menu. However, their hours state that they serve BREAKFAST as well. But they have no separate breakfast menu on their web site. Not sure if they serve it for weekday breakfast. You should probably call and ask.

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        Thanks Kathryn. Any clue on the pancakes in Chinatown? I am trying to avoid treking to Vanessa's.

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          I think Prosperity has a similar item on the menu with beef but reviews are poor.

      2. Sweet Revenge on Carmine Street in the West Village has red velvet pancakes and serves weekday breakfast. Now, I haven't had them and I wouldn't go in expecting any culinary alchemy, but I think teenage girls would like the place (it's cute) and I'm sure the food is totally serviceable.

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          They actually have red velvet waffles at Sweet Revenge, not pancakes. They come with a couple different sauces (I think some sort of raspberry jam, a caramel sauce, and some type of whipped cream that I can't remember exactly what it is - maybe whipped cream cheese since that would make sense for red velvet) and I think they're pretty good from the one time I had them.

        2. For specifically red velvet pancakes, I dunno. But for pancakes and french toast in general - Clinton Street Baking Co would be the obvious choice, and right in that neighborhood. Most famous pancakes (if you judge by the two-hour-long waits on the weekend) in town. I'm not one for sweet breakfasts / brunch so I can't comment, but people sure do seem to go crazy about them. I'm sure the chocolate chunk pancakes would be an acceptable substitute for nutella or red velvet...

          1. Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry makes those pancakes but with beef, not duck. They're not bad.