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Jun 13, 2012 05:42 AM

It's herring season! Any in Baltimore or DC?

I'm not talking about the pickled stuff you can get all year, I'm talking about the Dutch-style lightly pickled fillets that you roll in onions and eat raw with a shot of genever or whatever.

Apparently, they are now available at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station in New York. Do I have to make a trip to New York, or are there any to be found in the Baltimore-Washington corridor? (A trip to Holland is out of the question.)

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  1. Apparently in very short supply:

    And since this ruling was only a couple of months ago, I doubt that the NMFS has already developed the catch limits. In fact, according to this article "River herring populations are so severely depleted, NMFS recently began a one year scientific study to determine if they should be listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act."

    New Jersey has already banned the catch of river herring. Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts already had state bans due to stock declines. Maine, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina are in the process of getting approvals and were not shut down; only Florida and South Carolina have approved sustainability plans.

    The Oyster Bar is flying them in from The Netherlands.

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      That appears to apply to river herring and shad. The most common commercial herring sold in these parts is Atlantic herring, mostly from Canada and the Gulf of Maine. According to Seafood Watch, while the fishery is getting some stress, it's basically in sound shape:

    2. So did you ever find whole pickled herring? We were in the Netherlands recently and now the breadman is yearning for some herring filets with chopped onions.

      1. That's worth going to NYC for. If anyone can find them here around DC, I'd go there today and buy a dozen. The problem is the Grand Central oyster bar is not that good or clean. But for a taste of herring without going to Amsterdam, risking a few days worth of illness may be worth it.

        1. You don't have to go to NYC. I called up "Russ and Daughtors" in NYC (just google) and they said they have them in stock year round and will ship overnight. A tray of 10 is 40 dollars. Unfortunately it's close to the weekend so I will be ordering a couple next week and updating the board. Too bad they don't have smoked eels... Anyone know where to get the Dutch style smoked eels?