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Jun 13, 2012 05:33 AM

Colony Grill-Avon, CT

Had lunch at Colony Grill a couple of weeks ago and was extremely disappointed. I was aware when going that it was a pizza and salads only spot, which was fine. But, the pizza was really disappointing. I had heard about the place in Stamford and hoped that it would be a great add to the Farmington Valley scene. I am hoping that I just picked a bad day and wanted to hear from others that may have liked it more than me.

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  1. I practically grew up in the Stamford location. One of the original owners, Bo, was my father's best man. I still drive to Stamford from Hebron while my brother drives up from North Jersey just to eat their pizza. I guess I am qualified to compare the two locations. I have been to the Avon location and their pizza is just as good as what I get in Stamford. A lot of people in this area are used to large pizzas with big crust and an endless variation of toppings. You don't say why it disappointed you. My wife's company held a retirement party there (50+ people). Those that had tried it before were thrilled and those that had never heard of it raved about it. I will enjoy going to Avon but will still make the trek to Stamford on occasion just for the experience of the original location and to see my son's Army picture hanging on the wall in the bar.

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      I thought the dough was lifeless and not very flavorful. The toppings were definitely fresh but overall it was not a pizza I would seek out again. As I said was really looking forward to thIs place given the reputation. I am a big fan of Little City if you know that place in Simsbury. It is not as thin as Colony, but the dough is much more prominent and tastes great as a part of the entire flavor profile of the pizza. To each his own, I guess.

    2. I agree, for some reason the pizza does ALWAYS taste better in Stamford... ( I grew up in Stamford as well ) even the Fairfield, Ct. location is not as good as the original. It has to do with flavor... something with the cooks I guess...

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        A recent Courant review was lukewarm, at best. They felt the pizza, while tasty had too little sauce and cheese and was "too thin" Guess everyone will form their own opinions.

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          I can't find the review, mind linking it?

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            wish I could, but it was in last week's paper-Thursday I think

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                Yeah, I saw all those. I guess the actual review was print-only.

      2. Drove by today and there was a sign that says "sorry closed". They dumped a lot of money into this place and have been only been open since around march of this year. Tried to like it but terrible service everytime I went.

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          I enjoyed it the times we went and had great service. Maybe it was the fact that I asked for the fine china every time. Guess I will have to get to refund my money on an unused voucher.

        2. Yeah, when my husband and I went there it was just meh. The pizza wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a place I would go again. We were the only ones there at Saturday lunch time, with such a large dining room and so many servers with nothing to do, it was a bit odd.