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Jun 13, 2012 04:59 AM

Parker PIe Co. West Glover VT

I was up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont last week and had lunch at a really neat little place called the Parker Pie Company in West Glover. Its a tiny general store\pizza place\brew pub a long way from anywhere. It was surprisingly busy for a Thursday afternoon.

I had a Vermont Smoke & Cure sausage pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese. The crust was very good, although a bit soggy in the middle, perhaps because of the grease from the extra cheese and sausage. I thought overall it was a very good pie. The pizza, and three sodas were only about $20.00 and was enough for the three of us (although if you are a big eater, its more of a 2 person size).

I did not partake of the brew pub because I was out driving around sightseeing, but they did have a half dozen in house beers that I would have liked to try.

The downside is that West Glover is not the place you just pop up to. Its a long way from everywhere.

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  1. Parker Pie is a not-so-hidden anymore gem. It is a fantastic example of how quality food is possible in a rural area. The only problem is that it is often too busy, despite it's location. That makes me reluctant to go, since there are no other options in the area.

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      Yeah, there wasn't anywhere to sit and drink a beer and wait for a table either.

      As Yogi Berra would say, "nobody goes there anymore, its too crowded"

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        Now there's a second - Parker Pie Wings - in Newport. I understand they take reservations.