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Jun 13, 2012 04:33 AM

Amalfi Coast

Travelling to Naples , Ravello and Capri next week. We would love to find some authentic places to eat. Prefer restaurants for dinner- upscale. Lunch could be more casual. One night in each city can be at "best" place to eat. We are a well travelled couple. Your suggestions welcome. Thank you.

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  1. We spent a week in Ravello in April but intentionally avoided the upscale dining, which you can certainly find there. The three places we tried might be good lunch options for you: Cumpa Cosimo, DaSalvatore and DaVittoria. Of the three, I thought the food was best at DaVittoria, although they have no view. Jen Kalb captured Cumpa Cosimo perfectly: some find it charming; others find it hokey. The pastas are good, the secondi, not so much. DaSalvatore has great views, but I had mixed feelings about the food. Some of the flavor combos didn't work for me (although I'd spent the previous few days walking around in the rain and was coming down with a cold).

    I would recommend going down to Atrani on the coast. Le Palme has great seafood. You can walk down a path from Ravello, but I will say that hiking downhill is harder than you might think. It's a real workout for the quads.

    Here are a couple of links you may find helpful: my very long work-in-progress report from the April trip (including pizza in Naples and lunch on Capri), and a recent discussion focusing on Cumpa Cosimo:

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      Thanks. We have been to all 3 before and ask enjoyed Cumpa Cosimo and Da Salvatore. We also at the lemon grove in Capri and I will check the others u suggested.

    2. It would be easier to advise if you said where you are staying in Napoli. Most people do find it easier to eat dinner within reasonable walking distance of their hotel.

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        In Naples at the Vesuvio. In Ravello at the Palazzo Sasso and in Capri at Grand Quisisana.

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          La Cantinella has been on my radar for a future trip to Napoli, and it is near your hotel (at via Cuma, 42). You might want to dig up recent reviews, because I can't give a personal recommendation. Only heard and read good things about it -- but I don't know if they're true.

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            here some additional possibilities in Naples - you also should take a look (use the search) at recent threads though at least 75% are pizza oriented. Im not enamored of the Santa Lucia neighborhood where your hotel is located but then I only visited it in cool weather, so maybe it comes into its own in the warmer seasons.

            down there,(I have never been to these,) I have seen recommendations for Da Ettore and )steria La Bersagliera and Anema e Cozze. Da Dora (seafood only) Pizzeria La Notizia (acclained for excellence) and Osteria da Mattonella (slowfood, recommended and on my short list ) are also not far off. Up past the Piazza Trieste e Trento and the Galleria is Ciro a Santa Brigida, a good old fashioned place with good seafood, antipasti, other neapolitan specialties (for example genovese) and pizza. There are many other good places in naples which could be recommended depending on where you expect to be.

            If you are in Amalfi, there have been several recent reports. We liked A'Paranza in Atrani, a short and picturesque walk over from Amalfi which you get to on one of the stairways/streets above the Square.

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              Thank you. I am going to look at those suggestions this evening. This board is the best. I will share my story and eating experiences when we return.