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Jun 13, 2012 03:17 AM

Anything similar to the Italian Market??

Having moved to Denver from Philadelphia, 15 years ago, I'm still hoping to stumble upon a part of town - or even just one small shop - that resembles those in Philly's Italian Market; the ones where the smell of hundreds of different cheeses slaps you in the face upon entering. I have asked a few people on several occasions, and have been told that there was ONCE a small Italian community in NW Denver and that there MIGHT still be a couple of 'family owned' stores in the area, but to no avail... anybody have any suggestions??

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Suggest you contact these folks and see if they can help you. They are really nice people will probably point you in the right direction. Best pizza that I have had in CO.

      1. Nothing that compares but you may find some solace visiting

        * Vinnolas - Wheat Ridge
        * Vincenzo's - Wheat Ridge
        * Valente's - Broomfield
        * Parisi - North Denver
        * Carmine Lonardo's - Aurora and Lakewood (great house made sausage)
        * Carbone's - North Denver (even better house made sausage)

        You can find 6-1 tomatoes in several of these places.. Most sell yankee versions of Italian meats and cheeses. Some do bread (very few do it well), some do pastry (Vincenzo's is fabulous here), some do pizza... etc.. let me know if you are looking for a couple of specific things and I can help steer better. But you're not going to find a true replacement.

        1. We've been trading at Carbone's for many years, (we're both native north Denver natives), and are very concerned that this traditional Sausage/Italian deli is on it's last legs.
          We went there last Saturday to pick up sausage for a batch of spaghetti sauce and found bare shelves, a nearly empty cheese cooler and some very glum faces. There was nobody in line for their signature sub sandwiches and Rose's son was on a rant about a run in he was having with the city about a sign.
          Are we being overly worried? Anybody know anything? Hate to loose the best sausage maker in town.

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            That's horrible chimay5. We've had a connection to Carbone's since I was a kid.. and that was back when there was no sign that all the viaducts connecting downtown to North Denver would be gone! We will pray for Rose and family. She gave me marriage advice when we got marries, child rearing advice when we brought home the twins and always the wonderful sausage and hilarious attitude over the years.

          2. Spinelli's in Park Hill, maybe? It's the closest thing in my area...