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Lunch ideas near West Palm Beach courthouse please

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I may be stuck on a long case for jury duty. I had lunch at Longboard's yesterday - fish tacos - loved it!

Any more lunch ideas nearby? I'd prefer walking distance, but not sure how long lunch breaks will be from day to day so I may be able to drive somewhere locally. Thanks :)

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  1. Maybe you can check out the relocated Sheila's Conch and BBQ...

    "Dixie and Southern in WPB. They're on the SW corner"

    Get anything except the conch fritters, which are pretty much hush puppies.

    The soup is very different from most conch chowder - not tomato-ey but somehow "darker" almost as if it's some sort of beef broth base (but it's not).

    The cracked conch is the star. And the conch salad is pretty darn good to. You can also get just 2 or 3 ribs which I'd also recommend.

    1. I used to get a sub from Russo's for lunch when I worked there


      Back then they only had two subs, the Russo and Tuna, looks like they have expanded their offerings. Very popular place, or at least it used to be.

      1. Middle East Bakery & Grocery was featured on South Florida Check Please. Look for Episode #504 'Mediterranean Market Deli' on their website and watch the video. No dine in tables I think and it is definitely walkable. Adib owned the Pita Grille in N. Palm Beach before selling it off. Or walk to Grease Bar on Clematis for a great burger. You also have Grimaldis Pizza (overpriced pizza) on the corner of Clematis and Flagler, along with Pistache French Bistro (but I have not been). Gratify Gastropub is also there.

        Middle East Bakery & Grocery
        327 5th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401



        1. Hey, oyster...I'll actually be there tomorrow, too! You won't be able to get to Sheila's during a jury duty lunch break...it's too time consuming just to get to your car, drive, and return to the jury lot, get through security, etc., to be able to eat there. Your options are limited to downtown or taking the free trolley to City Place. If you like Japanese food, Kabuki on Clematis is pretty good. I think you've been to Cabana in Delray....there's one downtown near the library. Middle eastern fare at Leila's is okay, not great. Good burgers/sandwiches can be found at Grease burger bar on clematis. Pretty good sandwiches at Phat's on Olive Ave. Of course you also have the chains...Rocco's tacos and Duffys. If you go to City Place, Field of Greens on Rosemary is great for salads and City Cellar isn't bad for lunch. When you finish your jury duty, a pit stop at Blue Martini at happy hour will get you some good, inexpensive martinis and half price apps. Have fun doing your civic duty!

          1. i like howleys on dixie, less then 5 minutes door to door from the courthouse. It's a solid diner with always rotating, interesting art. 4700 S Dixie Hwy.

            1. Thanks so much everyone!! :)

              PS I was rejected today but this is good for the future...

              1. The Courthouse Café! NW corner of Quadrille and 4th st on the W side of the RR tracks. Purchased recently as an offshoot of a Miami bakery but now a standalone operation, this café is very convenient to those in the downtown WPB/courthouse area. I visited there in the mid morning and the coffee was hot and rich, the food (toasted ham, pork and cheese sandwich on a freshly baked hoagie roll) was tasty, and the service from the father-daughter team present was excellent. While I was there other customers ordered the $3.25 breakfast special: the fresh eggs were cracked, scrambled and cooked to order, the bread was cut and freshly toasted on a press, the potatoes were fried to order, and the cafe con leche was expertly made by the owner himself. Every customer was promptly welcomed with a smile, some obviously regulars being greeted by name. The open architecture allows a full view of the food prep area - no doubts about cleanliness here. The large windows allow plenty of natural light in for those sitting inside. There is outside seating that is shaded from the midday sun and the E-W orientation allows for a refreshing breeze. The menu is filled with a variety of quick breakfast and lunch choices at very fair prices. Today there was a lunch special of scrumptious-looking ribs - unadvertised specials are different from day to day. According to the owner, they deliver to the nearby area - with many of their customers ordering from the courthouse and the City of WPB and Palm Beach County Government complexes - and the soon-to-open DEA offices will make for a busier lunch-hour rush. They open at 7am with flexible closing times (3-4 pm but will stay open longer for customers showing up to eat). A surprising find for a urban eatery! I will definitely be eating there again.