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Jun 13, 2012 02:14 AM

Go to Late Night Snack

I'm pretty much an insomniac and have a horrible habit of eating late at night. I notice that I tend to go towards the same items and always have in some instances. Because of this, I try not to have those things around the house much. Unfortunately, then I sometimes do the twenty minutes ago, making a tomato and cheese sandwich at 4am.

When I lived with my parents, there was always some leftover chicken cutlets in the fridge. I'd usually grab one and put some mayo on it.

Nowadays it's usually:
Cheese (usually with some sliced tomato or wrapped in lettuce)
Hummus and crackers or veggies
Potato Chips (only if I'm out and on my way home)
And if I have leftover cutlets, they are still my go to LNS

What are some of your choices?

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  1. My late night snacking usually begins because I did not eat a proper dinner. Around 9 or 10 after the kids go to bed, I'll start a vicious cycle of sweet then salty, Peanut M&Ms then cheese curls. Cookies then cheese sticks. And like you said I try not to keep these things in the house. Your snack list is a lot healthier than mine!!

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      "My late night snacking usually begins because I did not eat a proper dinner."

      Same here. A dissatisfying dinner inevitably results in me rummaging through the pantry and the ice box around 9:30 or so. And if I find whole milk, a good hunk of sharp cheddar, and some saltines, I'm in instant Xanadu.

    2. Curty wurty pops peaches and cream are my usual pick of poison. Also fun pops. Oreo double stuff. I am usually a savory snacker but late nights bring out the sweety beast in me. And a dissatisfying dinner never prompts my attack. Having junk around and no one to dissuade me does. :-)

        1. re: LeoLioness

          Dairy. Milk, kefir or cheese. It's adaptive, because I'm usually able to sleep after those, whereas with junk food or natural sugars from whole fruit or juice, I'd be energized and up all night afterwards.

        2. I am pretty diciplined about eating, so I hadnt had a late night snack in YEARS....but about six months ago, my neighbors were having a party so I couldnt sleep; I got out of bed and made a pot of Kraft mac and cheese...ate most if not all of it.
          That was so fun and so satisfiying!

          I managed not to make it a habit, but last night, after watching Master Chef - I was absolutely I broke out some cheddar cheese and saltless saltines....mmmm...then I broke out some Dominican Coconut Cream, which comes in a block like butter...when refrigerated, it has the texture of a sandier butter...Holy God is it I munched on that ...Definitely a very naughty late light snack.!

          1. Half an English muffin (Thomas's Sourdough), toasted very crisp. Butter. Laura Scudder chunky peanut butter. Sprinkle of kosher salt. Wash it down with a big glass of milk.