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Why do my brownie edges always end up hard?

I want my brownies to have an even, soft edge all around. Any advice?

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  1. Try baking them in a water bath.

    1. Also, make sure you aren't using too thin a pan.

      1. Hard, crunch brownie edges are a problem? I thought they were the reason to make brownies.

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          No way! The soft middle is the reason to make brownies! But, given the popularity of that "all edge" brownie pan, a lot of people share your mistaken brownie preference ;-)

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            I'll share batch of brownies with you any day, CanadaGirl!

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            I'll eat brownies with you any day!

          3. You could try foil around the edges like you do with pie crust.

            1. Try using Magic Cake Strips around the perimeter of the pan. I use them for all the cakes I bake, and the cakes come out level since the outside of the pan is not overcooking the edge of the cake before the inside is done. They come in all sizes, so measure the perimeter of your brownie pan before you buy the strips.

              1. If you use Pam or cooking spray in the pan, if the oil collects in the corners that can make the corners crunchy as well. Try Crisco or solid shortening.

                1. Thomas Keller recommends baking them in a silicone pan to completely avoid this.

                  I, of course, being of sound mind and good taste, LOVE the crunchy edges!!!! hee

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                    I would like to have some of Thomas Keller's brownies. :)

                    I agree, I love the crunchy edges which is why I noticed the Pam/oil thing. But I do understand the hard edges issue too. For me, that happens if I over bake them or usually if we don't eat them fast enough and they dry out. For my family, a 8x8 or 9x9 is too small but a 9x13 is too much.

                    Lately, I have been using quail eggs to make brownies and they come out extra fudgy. I think you could get the same effect by using an extra egg yolk or 2 yolks subbed for one egg.

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                      I made the Keller brownies last week - my experience is posted elsewhere. They are amazing and keep better than brownies usually do.

                  2. 1. Take them out 3-5 minutes sooner.
                    2. Eat them faster.

                    1. Part way thru baking I use a flat spatula to pull the batter away from the edges. Do this before it is too far along. The edges just bake quicker and this always takes care of the problem for me.