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Fish Fillet

It is impossible now to find fish that is not filleted at the market, especially salmon. When was the last time you saw a salmon ,cod ,or other species that could be cut into steaks? Seems to be a big waste here. And I live on the California coast.

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  1. We get a wide variety up here in Oregon-fillets to whole Salmon and other varieties too.
    Are you looking beyond your supermarket counter? Any local fishmongers?

    1. I buy whole fish all the time in Salinas (Monterey County). Salmon is cut to order from a whole fish any way I want it from my Italian fish monger. Asian markets have all kinds of whole fish.

      But I do understand your frustration. During our two weeks in Santa Cruz last fall, the three fish counters did not have whole fish.

      1. That is odd. I live in a suburb of NY and our local fish market (albeit a truly great one connected to it's own restaurant) has pretty much every fish, whole, filleted or cut into steaks. Plus, if you pre-order they will get you pretty much anything you want.

        1. Surely your local fishmonger buys in whole fish? Even the larger supermarkets in the UK have whole fish in their fish counters which can then be cut in to fillets.

          1. I see steaks, whole fish, fillets, of all types of fish, incl. salmon at my local markets.

            1. I'm going to do a slight segue here. What really bothers me is to see salmon fillets (and sometimes other fish) with the scales on. I don't cook fish with the scales on, so then i have to ask them to scale it which they usually do a shoddy job of, or the usual case, i just finish filleting the fish at home. And don't even get me started on the pin bones.

              1. In a large Asian grocery like 99Ranch I see fish whole, and in all sorts of cuts. Salmon (farm raised Atlantic) is available prepackaged in fillets, steaks, and sometimes belly scraps.

                If you can't find whole fish or steaks in your grocery, it probably is because your fellow customers don't want to deal with things like bones (not even pin bones) and skin, much less a fish head. But there are cuisines that value those things.

                1. I realize that I'm on the east coast, but around here, both Wegmans & Whole Foods carry whole salmon (along with many other whole fish). Wegmans in particular are extremely eager to provide you with any cut you like.

                  Last week they had whole salmon, whole AUTHENTIC Dover Sole, whole Rockfish (aka Striped Bass), & a couple of others I don't remember at the moment. They've also had whole Cod & whole Halibut in the past, & also a whole Monkfish (ugly beggar). Point being that any fish market or decent supermarket fish counter should be able to get you what you want.

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                    Our local fishmonger will cut you steaks. She says people just don't like the bones that why fillet is so popular. I'd rather have the steaks. Salmon is now $25.00 a lb. I ended buying the local snapper @ 9.00

                  2. All retailers merchandise their stores/departments....especially "Sell it or Smell" Seafood departments based on profitable demand or lack thereof ~~~ If store A does not carry whole fish...maybe store B does...Or in another area of town....Or the next town over.