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Jun 12, 2012 09:37 PM

Fish Fillet

It is impossible now to find fish that is not filleted at the market, especially salmon. When was the last time you saw a salmon ,cod ,or other species that could be cut into steaks? Seems to be a big waste here. And I live on the California coast.

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  1. We get a wide variety up here in Oregon-fillets to whole Salmon and other varieties too.
    Are you looking beyond your supermarket counter? Any local fishmongers?

    1. I buy whole fish all the time in Salinas (Monterey County). Salmon is cut to order from a whole fish any way I want it from my Italian fish monger. Asian markets have all kinds of whole fish.

      But I do understand your frustration. During our two weeks in Santa Cruz last fall, the three fish counters did not have whole fish.

      1. That is odd. I live in a suburb of NY and our local fish market (albeit a truly great one connected to it's own restaurant) has pretty much every fish, whole, filleted or cut into steaks. Plus, if you pre-order they will get you pretty much anything you want.

        1. Surely your local fishmonger buys in whole fish? Even the larger supermarkets in the UK have whole fish in their fish counters which can then be cut in to fillets.

          1. I see steaks, whole fish, fillets, of all types of fish, incl. salmon at my local markets.