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Jun 12, 2012 09:08 PM

Looking for good sandwich place in bergen county

Looking for good sub shop in bergen county, where they slice meat to order, and topings etc are fresh. Good bread. Preferably a family place, the chains just dont do it for me

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  1. Not sure where you are in BC, but In Northvale there's Amato Bread and Deli on Livingston St. and across the St. La Casa Formosa.

    1. Definitely A&S Fine Foods in Wyckoff....Cedar Hill Ave. The breads are top-notch as are all their meats. Make sure that you tell them in detail how you want your sandwich made.


        I no longer recommend Clemente's....and with due respect to (michele cindy), I really dislike the owner of Amato Bread.

        If you are ever in Fairview, I recommend Valente Bakery Salumeria and Deli....

        Valente Bakery & Salumeria/ Deli
        Since 1982
        169- Anderson Avenue
        Fairview, New Jersey 07022

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          I don't think I've come across the owner yet.... I don't go often, usually around the holidays, Anyone know what happened to the poster mention1? I saw their name in the old post, they haven't posted anything since Jan 12, very odd, since they were a fairly frequent poster.

        2. Cosmos Salumeria on Main St in Hackensack has everything you are looking for fresh sliced cold cuts awesome bread and homemade moz with all the toppings sweet hot or roasted peppers its spotlessly clean too! it's near the intersection of main temple and johnson ave i agree with fourunder Clemente's is no longer on my list you can also try jerry's in englewood on Dean st they have everything italian

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            +1 Cosmos is a great sandwich shop.

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              Cosmos is a great Italian deli. I also recommend Visentini Brothers in Lodi for Italian sandwiches cold cuts, etc

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              Are you as offended as I am by the price increases @ Clemente's since their renovations? As an example, I purchased rolls there and the cost doubled.....a hero roll was $1.20. My nephew was making sandwiches for a party bus.....when the girl said $36 for two dozen, I questioned her if she was charging the right price.....and she was indignant towards me for even asking..

            3. I discovered Giovanni's in Fair Lawn about a year ago, and they are great. They make almost everything fresh (even their own mozzarella), and prices are reasonable. My current favorite is something called a Mia Salad, which has balsamic breaded chicken, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil in a balsamic dressing, but their sandwiches are good too. They are VERY popular, so call in or be prepared to wait a while if you go during prime lunch time. Italian Riviera in Waldwick also makes good sandwiches, especially a good Italian sub. La Strada in Midland Park is another popular place worth checking out.




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                Thanks for the info on Giovanni's. I will be in the area next week and am looking forward to stopping in for some sandwiches.