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Jun 12, 2012 09:02 PM

Mid-end appliances - which are best

We are planning a kitchen remodel and want to keep the cost to $50K. We are looking into mid-level appliances. Any good recommendations? Will need all appliances.

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  1. I also remodeled on a small budget. I had to prioritize my appliance purchases. My kitchen, built in the 1930's, is very small as is my condo. I spent money on a Miele dishwasher. It is incredibly quiet and it comes in a smaller size. Worth every penny. I've had no issue with my GE Profile appliances and my Whirlpool refrigerator. I also recommend going to Albert Lee. They are so helpful and also matched prices from Home Depot and Sears.

    1. We jsut finished a kitchen remodel and made an effort to stay away from the really pricy stuff. We've had good luck over the years with Kitchen Aid dishwashers so that was all but a given, almost silent and so far so good. We also went with a Kitchen Aid electric oven and speed oven, this was a design choice, looking to eliminate excess knobs on things, these are touch screen and easy to clean. The range top is Electrolux Icon as is the fridge. We really like both of these a bunch. The vent hood is Vent a Hood, a bit of a splurg but it was important that it not only work but work reasonably quietly and it does. Very happy with all of these new appliances so far. My only conplaint is the Kitchen Aid oven didn't come with the Pro handle just the designer handle and I don't like the way it angels back toward the door, hard to clean where they meet.