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Jun 12, 2012 08:55 PM

Paris Kitchen and Culinary Stores OTHER than E. Dehillerin?

Has this venerable seller no rivals of stature? New or used, makes no difference to me.


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  1. On the streets near Dehillerin there are many stores that are great for supplies and friendlier than Dehillerin. Go up Rue Montorgueil right next to Dehillerin and bounded by Rue Etienne Marcel and the neighboring streets and the other big three, MORA, Simon, and Bovida. Each as Dehillerin specializes in different things and are all great. There are many other stores on those strees, for example, one specializing in kitchen linens, like chef's coats that are worth visiting as well.
    For used at Clignancourt there is Bachelier, lots of copper and pottery cookware. As expensive as the new stuff, but oh my. My treasures over the years from there are three copper pot covers from Prunier, ranging from 8cm (#28) to 58cm(#1)!!! as well as a 18th century butcher knife whose blade spine is 2 cm wide, love the place and very helpful.
    For more used there is the Porte des Vanves weekend marches des puces, Sat and Sun morning where copper and cookware abound and most at steal prices.

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      And the linen shop (the name escapes me now) will embroider monograms/words/etc on their aprons, etc, in within just a few days. Great gifts!

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        Hi, D...monger:

        Oooooooooooooooooh, the Bachelier site's page on stove restoration??? Oh, my. Will they sell me one of those giant, elegant stoves?


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          Regretfully for your shipping costs, yes.l remember some years back a man from Connecticut walked in the store and said, l quote, 'l'll take it'. He meant everything in the store and they put it in containers and sold the whole contents.

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            Hi, Delucacheesemonger:

            No danger of a repeat with me, I'm afraid.

            Hey, this is OT, but did you ever get your food kakau (tattoo)? If you're still interested, I have an idea...


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              Too much of wuss so far, love to hear idea. It seemed to me with so many tats around, it has lost it's cache.

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                You want it publicly (here) or privately (

      2. Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville (BHV), third floor.

        1. it's not "hardware", but G. Detou at 58 rue Tiquetonne is a baker's dream -- I make the trek there once a month or so to stock up on things I either can't find somewhere else, or are so much cheaper here that i can justify the trip.

          Further down Tiquetonne (turn left coming out of Detou; 4-5 blocks on the left hand side) is Epicerie Bruno - nothing but spices, including a damned fine selection of dried chilies (even whole anchos and chipotle, which are otherwise all but impossible to find) and other Mexican spices (ooh-ooh -- they even sell Masa and tortilla presses), as well as some really tasty barbecue rubs.

          1. The uniform shop on rue Turbigo is Duthillul et Minart. They carry every kind of work costume from household service, restaurant kitchen and front of house through artist's smocks. Even sommelier pins. http://duthilleuletminart.lookreflex....

            Another non-kitchen equipment favorite of mine is Samai Porcelaine on rue General LeClerc which carries Limoges off-price. Three floors: first floor all white ware, every shape imginable; second floor, decorated china; basement...ah, the basement...super mark-downs with some items at .50€. They will wrap but not ship.