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Jun 12, 2012 08:47 PM

Norma's Tacos in Pasadena

I keep passing by this place on Green St., near to PCCC, but every time it seems that I'm in a mad dash elsewhere and I never actually stop.

Anyone been?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      And here:

      (They were known for a while as Taco Station.)

      Old thread, so much may have changed.

    2. Since this is close to Caltech, I tried it out 2-3 times when it opened. For my personal taste, the tacos were nothing special. Perhaps it was also my expectations.

      This location had one of the best taco stands in an earlier incarnation - don't remember the name. They were La Super Rica style, amazing flavors. But they were not to last. The owner told me that the location was owned by someone who felt that being that close to PCC, they wanted some kind of a burger stand, and did not renew his lease at the location. Then it closed for a while with no business. Sometime later Norma's tacos opened up. I see people there, but it is not always crowded.

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      1. re: suvro

        Las Ruinas, I think is what the fantastic place that used to be there was called. I sure miss them. The taco I like from Norma's is the bean one, but since I was not really impressed, I have not been there in acouple of years. May not still be on the menu.

        1. re: WildSwede

          Yes Las Ruinas! I miss it! Here is Jonathan Gold's review of it -

          1. re: suvro

            Yeah, those mushroom mulas were what my dreams are made of! Was so pissed when the owners of the property made them get out and then nothing was in the space for years! YEARS!! We could have been enjoying them for at least a few more years before Norma's went in! It was so sad.

            1. re: WildSwede

              Mushroom Mulas?!! ooooh, I sooooo missed out! :(

              1. re: The Oracle

                Yes, sorry to say you did. AND I am a tried and true meat girl!! But I always had to have the shroom mulas!

      2. It's such a cute location, but I was underwhelmed by the tacos. I tried 3 different kinds and all were meh. I wasn't even impressed by their 'homemade tortillas' - which was surprising to me. I think it also depends on what your idea of a good taco is. Some of my co-workers thought it was great (but they also really like Del Taco's tacos). My favorite local tacos are El Super Burrito (on Foothill over by Cost Plus).

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        1. re: The Oracle

          I've never been to Super Burrito; guess I'll have to give it a shot. My regular rotation usually includes La Estrella (Foothill & Altadena branch), Lupita's, Puebla Tacos #2 (Allen & Villa) and Burrito Express.

          1. re: Jack Flash

            Yeah, my fave is La Estrella (I go to the one on Fair Oaks/Villa). Their al pastor and red chile totally does it for me. I also really like their ceviche and fish tacos (but for those I go to the location on Orange Grove and whatever that street is between Los Robles & Fair Oaks).

          2. re: The Oracle

            I live about a mile from Norma's, but my rotation is:
            1. Cacao Mexicatessen (Echo Park)
            2. My Taco (Highland Park)
            3. Bobby's Place (previously Rick's Drive-In) for gringo tacos
            4. sometimes El Taquito Mexicano (truck on Fair Oaks near California)

            Love Norma's location and mom-and-pop character, but the tacos are underwhelming.