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This has been covered before, but is outdated. As a tourist going to LA in the summer with my husband and young toddler, what would you recommend as the best places to eat? We like both casual and more elegant. My baby is very well behaved B"H and we take him everywhere - although we will be leaving him with a sitter for dinners. I'd love ice cream stores, Chalav Yisrael Coffee Bean locations, etc. as well. Anything fun or useful in LA that involves eating!!!

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  1. My favorites in LA are: Pat's http://www.PatsKosher.com, Mexikosher http://www.mexikosher.com/index.html, Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausage http://www.jeffsgourmet.com/ just to name a few -

    Also you can check out http://www.shamash.org/kosher/ for a nice listing of wahts in LA with reviews

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    1. I second Pat's and Jeff's.
      I also like Nana. Tables outside or on the first tier of the restaurant are quieter.
      Delice Bakery for breakfast or lunch. Got Kosher for lunch or take-away.
      My kids like La Gondola. When you are reserving a table on a Sunday, ask for one near the front of the restaurant. The big groups go to the back and the ceilings are lower so it is noisier back there.
      Brami's pizza and stuffed pretzels.

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        Nana has outside seating? Love that! We don't have that on the East coast.

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          I've been to a few restaurants in NY with outdoor seating; at least one in Queens (the restaurant that was in the same spot Turquoise is now), one in Manhattan (Wolf and Lamb, I think), and Pardes in Brooklyn. It's not every restaurant, of course, but it does exist.

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            Just don't expect beautiful ocean views from Nana. It is in a fairly run down shopping plaza on Robertson. However, when you are sitting down and patio wall blocks the view of the street, it is very pleasant to sit among the throw pillows on the banquettes and heat lamps if it is chilly. Some of the other cafes also have outdoor seating (Haifa, Jeff's, Got Kosher, Delice, Burger Bar) in the Pico/Robertson area and it is definitely nice to be able to sit outside but don't expect glamor. Both Bocca (meat) and Mocca (dairy) in the valley had very nice patio areas, but I haven't been to either one in a few years.

        2. Depends on what area of the city you'll be. I generally like the casual places.

          Pico Robertson area: Mexikosher, Jeff's Gourmet Sausage

          Valley: Pizza Nosh (way out there), Fish in the Village, Le Sushi

          Beverly/La Brea: Ta-eem Grill (heard good things, never been), Pizza Mayven, Fish Grill (also have locations in Malibu, West LA, and I think the Valley). There's also a CY Coffee Bean on Beverly just west of La Brea here.

          Mid-City: La Seine (elegant), Cafe of Paris (breakfast/lunch only)

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            Nana is good, but service can be very slooooow.

            I like Haifa on Pico. It's midrange, israeli food. I love their grilled salmon but everything s good.

            Nagila pizza, large menu, lots of salads. On Pico, as well.

            On Melrose, there's PitaWay for falafel and schwarma. Falafel is really good.

            Pizza World on Fairfax

            Schwartz bakery and cafe has two locations, a dairy cafe on Pico and meat on Fairfax.

            Eilat bakery and cafe on Pico (not Elat pastry) is good also. Nice for breakfast.

            1. re: Miri1

              Pico: Jeff's, sunday brunch at Milk N Honey, takeout from Chicken Chow, Shanghai (I like the food at Chicken Chow better but Shanghai is nice to sit.).

              My kids and their friends (older teens and college age) like Schnitzly's and the burgers at Pico Kosher Deli, but I have never been to either one.

              Fairfax: Pizza World.

              Valley: Eat Good to Go

              Oxnard: Tierra Sur

              Orange County: OC Kosher (not worth the trip, it's mostly a grocery but good place for lunch if you are near there.) Great soups!

              San Diego: La Cafe.

              But do not miss Jeff's. We all agree on that.

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                I forgot to mention Bodhi Thai on Pico next to Chick n Chow. It's vegan. Also, there's a fairly new thai place called Beverly hills Thai on San Vicente and , I think, Doheny. Great coconut soup!

                Then, right next door to Gatt Mart on Pico is a Persian kabob place that's supposed to be very good.

                I also like Shalom pizza on Pico next to Haifa. It's not a huge place, nor does he have a large menu, but he as great pizza.

          2. Thanks everybody! Much appreciated!!!!!

            1. One I have not been to is Beverly Hills Thai, which is supposed to be very good, very authentic, and caters mostly to nonJews in the area of Burton Way and Doheny. It's out of the way, but we heard the food is amazing. Either RCC or Kehilla (in other words, reputable kashrus).

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                Was at Beverly Hills Thai last night. Food is very good, venue is small, ambiance is pleasant. Reservations required. I recommend the Tom Ka.

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                  I went with my wife for our 28th anniversary August 2, and we found the food mild by Thai standards, high quality, and definitely sweeter than we prefer. Still, those are things we can live with, since we can specify less sugar, I can specify more heat, and the food is definitely tasty and high quality. We also liked the Tom Kha, though I added some very good hot pepper oil to it, and the beef salad (also with added hot pepper oil) was quite tasty. The egg rolls were so so, the Tom Yum was good (also needing hot pepper oil), the mango with sticky rice was quite superior, although somewhat too sweet., even as a dessert.

              2. And yet another request for local and up-to-date comment. I've put together a little restaurant guide, at http://tullyandshterny.us/la.php and would like comments and updates from locals. The idea here is to have *one* example each of several types of places, for people who are only going to be spending a week or so in LA. So I've put what seem to be the best examples of each of these types.

                1. Is Le Sushi still around, and if so is it still good? The web site was down for a long time, and is now back but really crappy. Does that mean it's under new and possibly inferior management, or just that their web guy quit?

                2. Do people agree with the selection, and if not what would they want to see instead? E.g. should a different sushi place take Le Sushi's place, e.g. maybe Sushiko?

                3. Is Elite Cafe still around? The Schwartz web site barely mentions it!

                Also the sightseeing ideas could use some editing. (I *am* going to add the La Brea Tar Pits )

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                1. re: zsero

                  Le sushi is still around, although I have not been there recently. I think I would add Nana (dairy, Tel aviv cafe category) and Delice Bakery (dairy, French cafe category). Afshan is in downtown LA, should anyone be visiting the Jewelery Mart or Bob Bake Marionette Theater nearby during the day.

                  1. re: zsero

                    re Terra Sur:
                    Tour the winery??? It's a corridor with a bunch of photos with captions. Nothing to see. Better suggestion is the Reagan Library.

                    PS Mazel tov!

                    1. re: SoCal Mother

                      Not worth driving for the "tour", but if you're there already, might as well see it.

                      1. re: SoCal Mother

                        Thanks for the suggestion. I've added it. When I visited the winery with a group we got a full tour; I didn't realise that the normal tour for visitors is so boring.

                        1. re: zsero

                          My husband and his friend enjoyed the wine tasting bar. They paid some nominal sum and got to taste 3 or 4 wines. If you buy anything you get the tasting fee back. I was bored but I dislike dry wine.

                          1. re: SoCal Mother

                            Terra Siur and the wine tasting are worth the trip, the tour is not, but it's a quick walk once you're there for the other two.

                          2. re: zsero

                            Zev, if you were coming, I'd try to go out of my way to give you a tour of Agua Dulce Winery, and maybe even sample a few barrels. None of the wine in the tasting room is kosher, but half of what we made in 2010 and all of the subsequent wines are kosher. Closer than Herzog, but no restaurant. Too bad I can't have Smokin'! up here.

                            1. re: ganeden

                              Sorry, Craig, I'm not coming for the wedding. I'm just doing the web site. Not related, just my former next door neighbours. I had a family wedding at Tierra Sur last month, but couldn't afford the trip at this time.

                              The last version of this guide, which I did for a wedding two years ago, had Smokin' on it.