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Jun 12, 2012 08:03 PM

Sashimi grade fish in Denver

Anyone know where I can get sashimi-grade fish in Denver? I know about Whole Foods and Pacific Mercantile downtown. Any other secret places? Specifically looking for yellowtail, but good sources for salmon, tuna (especially the really good kinds like toro) and halibut would help.


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  1. Maybe give Bruce at Seafood Landing a call and see if he can help you out. I just went to him for the first time a couple weeks ago and got a great deal on mussels for a project I'm working on (cooking Epicurious' 80 global dishes). I was chatting with him and he noted that he works with all the seafood wholesalers in Denver and can get special-order items if I had one. He also mentioned that he typically gets shipments in every day of the week.

    I specifically asked about whole smelt and he said, he could probably get it and he explained to me that it would likely be previously frozen not fresh - that statement he made, making a clear distinction between previously-frozen & fresh, convinced me that he (A) knows his stuff & (B) is particular enough to tell me fresh/previously-frozen despite the fact that I didn't say I needed it fresh.

    He's a really nice guy and I'm sure he can help you out with your search! I know that I'm planning on using him from here on out for the rest of my 80 dishes (that have seafood) & future dishes.

    Seafood Landing
    3457 W. 32nd Avenue
    Denver, CO 80211

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      Thanks for the info and have fun with your project! Sounds very cool...

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        If you find anything steelykal please let us know. I have this belief that almost all of the great fish is sold to restaurants and that even if you *wanted* to sell sashimi grade fish to the public you wouldn't be able to get it. The purveyor relationships with the restaurants ensure that it just doesn't happen. That belief is not founded on anything substantial and I'll be pleased to find out I'm wrong!

    2. You might try Marczyk's on 17th st. I've bought sushi-grade tuna there before. I imagine that you could talk to the fish counter and arrange something.