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Jun 12, 2012 08:01 PM

Las Vegas recommendations needed - 5 Dinners!!

I am going to Las Vegas for 5 nights with my family and we need to figure out where to eat our dinners. Price is not especially important but we prefer traditional appetizer/entree/desert as opposed to prix fix meals. One member of my family eats mostly red meat (steak, burgers, etc) and another is a vegetarian.

I was thinking at least 1 night at a steakhouse (and browsing the boards it seems that CUT is considered the best), 1 night of Italian, 1 night low-key, maybe burgers (board opinion seems to be BLT Steak is best), and then 2 nights of something else.

Am open to all suggestions/opinions.

Also looking for breakfast/lunch recommendations. Maybe a trip to In-and-Out (we are coming from the east coast)?

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  1. I think you mean BLT Burgers as there is no BLT Steak in Las Vegas. Will you have a car? Does the vegetarian eat seafood or dairy? If you have a car, Rincon de Buenos Aires is a good option for all. They have streaks on the menu. My sister is a vegetarian and has no problem finding something to eat. Rincon de Buenos Aires also has pasta and sandwiches on the menu. For breakfast (or lunch or dinner), try Hash House A Gogo at the original location on West Sahara. Ellis Island Casino has a $5.99 steak and egg breakfast (in addition to a complete breakfast menu) and an off the menu $7.99 steak special. If you go to In n Out, check online for their secret menu at

    1. Also, if you have a car goto Nora's Cuisine for Italian. It's open for lunch and dinner.

      1. BLT Burgers at The Mirage is EXCELLENT. And happily not too pricey, especially for the quality.

        If you have a car and folks like Thai food, then definitely go to Lotus of Siam -

        1. For 1 of your "2 nights of something else" I highly recommend China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan. This blend of Chinese and Mexican has enough to please all the eaters in your group, plus the food is delicious and the concept is different than most other restaurants in Vegas.

          1. Thank you all for your comments. Unfortunately we will not have a car so we'll probably stay on the strip for all of our meals. After reading the boards and some other reviews, I've compiled the following list:

            - Nobhill Tavern
            - CUT vs. Delmonicos
            - Valentino Grill

            Low-key dinners/lunch:
            - Public House
            - BLT Burger vs. Halsteins
            - DOCG vs. Otto vs. Wolfgang Puck Cocina
            - Fiamma
            - China Poblano

            - Mon Ami Gabi
            - Bouchon
            - Central

            I'd appreciate any thoughts on these places and/or alternatives if you prefer something else to those listed above. Thanks!

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              I haven't been to Nobhill for a few years, but I liked it very much when I was there. I really loved American Fish and that might fit into your "something else" category (does the vegetarian eat fish?). Scarpetta is very good Italian with some good veggie options and a gorgeous view of the Bellagio fountains.

              We loved our lunch at China Poblano, and I cannot say enough good things about Bouchon - we loved it so much that we went back the next day.

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                My sister and I ate at Nob Hill a few years back and had a great dinner. It starter off kind of rough with about a 20 minute wait even though we had reservations, but after that little hiccup, everything else was great. The Lobster Pot Pie was amazing.

                Cut was an amazing experience. From the decor, to the service, and most importantly the food. Everything was top notch. Quite possibly the best steak house I've been to in Vegas.

                MIght I recommend a couple spots to possibly check out for some of the low key lunches or dinners. They're a little off the strip though, but if you're willing to drop a little coin on a cab ride, you'll find some nice options. Monta Ramen is one place that my wife and I always visit when we're in town. The place is small and if you go during peak lunch or dinner times, expect to wait. Worth it though, in my opinion. Another spot in China Town in Hot & Juicy Crawfish. Not your ordinary lunch spot, but it's a must est for us. Many times it' our first stop after picking up our rental car. That is, if you enjoy good Cajun/Creole boiled seafood.

                Oh and if you get to check out Bouchon, I'd recommend brunch on the weekend. I think that's the only time they serve their chicken and waffles, with a little bit of an upscale twist.