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Jun 12, 2012 07:47 PM

Guy Savoy or Twist

If you could choose one, which would it be? I've read strong opinions about both, and some criticisms. Already been to Joel R, and have e booked for the trip. So choosing between the two. I realize the approaches to French food are different. I just can't decide.

Also, any opinions on the wine lists? They're not online (unless I'm just completely missing them)

Thanks in advance for the advice

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  1. Neither. My recommendation is for Le Cirque instead of either Twist or Guy Savoy (yes, I've dined at all three restaurants within the past 2 years). BTW, the wine lists at both Twist and Guy Savoy are very overpriced!

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      Thanks for the reply. What made Le Cirque better for you?

      1. re: marcdhauser

        The food was much better (more delicious) at Le Cirque than at either Guy Savoy or Twist. Twist had multiple variations on a theme for each dish; some worked and some didn't. Service was equally as good at both Le Cirque and Guy Savoy. Decor is much nicer at Le Cirque than at either Guy Savoy (very drab) or Twist. Price-wise Le Cirque is less expensive than either Guy Savoy (which exceeded the cost of my dinner at Joel Robuchon) or Twist.

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        I have reservations for both Guy Savoy (chefs table) and Twist next week, I'll let you know how it goes if you'd like?

        I agree with ellenost that after seeing Guy Savoy through pictures that it looks almost boring, good thing they have a chefs table though which looks like it could be a unique experience. It is mandatory to have a chefs menu when dining at the chefs table, for $350pp you can have a custom 13-14 course menu.

        Twist on the other hand has a much nicer interior IMO, and they also were very accommodating when I wanted to set up a custom menu instead of the regular 3 or 6 course tasting menu.

        Le cirque gets great reviews on any food website and while we did consider le cirque we ended up choosing Twist instead because of the interesting experience and view from the 23rd floor of the mandarin hotel.

        I think no matter which you choose you will be happy with your decision.

        Keep in mInd though that Guy Savoy will run you between $600-$1000+ depending on which tasting you decide on.

        Twist will be a lot less in the $500-$700 range

        1. re: lechonbaboy

          And Le Cirque will be in the $400 - $500 per couple range.

          1. re: ellenost

            a report would be really appreciated - thanks, lechonbaboy

      3. It's been awhile (ate at GS when it first opened) but it was definitely overpriced (in spite of the bread cart!). The room was, indeed, boring. Service was great but at the time was wishing that I had spent that money at Robuchon. Since then, having eaten at Twist in December, I would definitely recommend it over GS. Much nicer room, better deal.

        Haven't been to Le Cirque, though....

        Still miss Alex...

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        1. re: Wino In Training

          Alex was my #1 favorite restaurant in Las Vegas! Probably the #1 reason why I won't stay at The Wynn since they closed it. Heard Steve is turning the space into another night club.

        2. After eating at Guy Savoy last year and eating at Le Cirque this past Saturday I'd have to give Le Cirque the nod. Not that there's anything wrong with GS (I really enjoyed it), but Le Cirque had overall the better food imho. Not one thing I had made me say "meh". The oxtail bucatini is absolutely amazing and the foie dish was probably the most well balanced/composed plate of foie I have had.

          The cost of a meal at Le Cirque for my wife and I was actually 1/4 of the price of our meal at Guy Savoy.
          I would give the slight edge to GS in the service department, but not by much. Other than that I would say Le Cirque trumps it in every other way.

          Have never been to twist so I Cant really comment on it.

          1. Had GS a couple days ago and had twist last night, GS IMO is far superior to twist. Although GS was double the price, the food and service was way better.

            We had the chefs table with a custom 14 course menu and we both absolutely loved it and felt it was worth the price. Caveat the dishes are very rich towards the end of the savory courses, lots of foie, butter and caviar.

            Twist on the other hand we both felt was the biggest waste of money so far in our trip. The meal cost is a little over $700 with a bottle of champagne and we opted to order a la crte as we knew the a la carte dishes would be a little more extravagant than the tasting. Each dish came with at least 2 component and my gf and I who are both chefs found the combinations not that great, fusion! More like confusion! The flavored were not great and the components did not go well with each other. Service was a step below GS. The best part of our meal were the canap├ęs and the butter, and we also ordered 4 apps to share and 4 mains to share and 2 desserts. Nothing was mind blowing in fact we did not like anything and had to force the food down.

            Go for GS or le cirque instead skip twist.

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            1. re: lechonbaboy

              Wow, thanks for the up to the minute info, and to everyone else. We're going back to e one night, and Lotus another night, so this is going to be a hard decision to choose between GS and Twist.

              1. re: lechonbaboy

                I look forward to reading your report about Guy Savoy. Sorry to hear that Twist hasn't improved since my dinner in 2010. Agree with you that a number of the variations on the theme did not work too well. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your dining in LV.

                1. re: lechonbaboy

                  Thank you so much for the feedback. I was initially thrilled when I heard Gagnaire was coming to Vegas but the sheer volume of negative feedback kept me away - despite that I still couldn't help feeling that I was missing something. Your highly credible observations put those fears to rest (and saved me a bucket full of money in the process).

                  1. re: rcurtism

                    Had e by Jose tonight and it was absolutely amazing!!!

                    Had Guy Savoy, Raku, Twist, and Joel Robuchon as well

                    And if I had to put it in order when it comes to food,

                    1. E by Jose
                    2. Guy Savoy/Joel Robuchon (although the truffled langoustine dish at JR was probably the best dish I have ever had in my life)
                    3. Raku

                    Will write a detailed review when I get home tomorrow.

                    Hope you enjoy e because we absolutely loved it.

                    1. re: lechonbaboy

                      Glad you had a great time.

                      BTW, what is the current price at e? Last year it was $250 including drink pairings and gratuity. Was there foie gras on your menu?

                      #78 Twist--really sorry.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        The contract we just signed for September says $195/per without tip or wine, which was different from when I ate there 18 months ago, when they were still at $250 all-in. I'm also curious to hear what the wine pairing is priced at. No matter what, it'll still be worth every frickin' penny.

                        1. re: marcdhauser

                          It was $195pp and we shared a regular alcoholic pairing and a non alcoholic pairing. We also got 4 bottles of inedit beer to take home and our total was $857, they automatically add a 20% gratuity on the bill with an option to tip more.

                          The regular alcoholic pairing was $130 and the premium is $300, the non alcoholic pairing im not sure how much I'm guessing $60. They were very generous in the alcoholic pairing, we shared and they just kept topping us off, we were tipsy by the end.

                          Jose andres was also at the restaurant and we got him right on time to get a picture before he left for the airport.

                          I don't remember having foie gras at e, but the foie at GS was outstanding.

                          1. re: lechonbaboy

                            Thanks. Any idea what the difference is between the regular and premium pairings?

                            1. re: marcdhauser

                              Nothing much I'm guessing just more expensive drinks but probably same amount of pairings. They give a drink pairing per 3-4 courses.

                              1. re: lechonbaboy

                                Actually I remember the host saying the regular pairing is the spanish pairing, drinks exclusive only to Spain and the premium one is the global pairing.