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Jun 12, 2012 07:25 PM

Sushi lunch in Studio City tomorrow

Any recommendations for a quality sushi lunch near Laurel Canyon/Ventura? I'm not a big fan of Katsu-ya, I found Tama only so-so, and have never been that impressed with Iroha. Ideally, I'm looking for very fresh fish and a nice, reasonably priced lunch omakase,

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  1. Nozawa's spirit & quality control still reside (affordably) at...

    sugarFISH by Nozawa
    11288 Ventura Bl.
    Studio City, CA

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    1. re: J.L.

      sugarfish fits the bill perfectly,

      a second option could be sushi don sasabune. it's about a mile north on laurel canyon.

      1. re: J.L.

        another option is daichan right next door

        i'd recommend one of the poke bowls.


        I see you want lunch omakase. that scratches daichan AND sushi don.

        If you do find yourself @ Sushi Don, however, the spicy tuna on crispy rice and iced green tea are awesome. Best iced green tea I've had from a store/restaurant.

        1. re: ns1

          damn. never knew daichan and poke bowls. now i need to go back asap.

          1. re: cdub

            yeah i had the poke bowl and the chirashi yesterday, poke bowl wins by a long shot. next up to try: lomi lomi salmon

            1. re: ns1

              I LOVE Daichon's mixed poke bowl (three kinds of fish) with their special seaweed rice (explained at the bottom of the menu)...so, SO delicious!

              I know it's rather ordinary, but their California roll -- as an appetizer -- is freshly made and quite good for a starter! They also have good tea.

              1. re: liu

                Anything else good there? Esp. on the appetizers side? Was thinking about coming back and treating it like an izakaya.

                1. re: ns1

                  Hi, ns1.

                  I can't be specific with the apps because I haven't tried much other than the California roll and the Mixed Poke...a dozen or more times...I love this dinner so much!

                  However, I have seen other tables with small plates to share, so I am sure that you could enjoy a variety of dishes. The server there is very helpful and she can direct you. Be sure to check the menu items on the walls, too! Perhaps they are duplicates of the menu, but I know they have an extensive offering.

            2. re: cdub

              Daichan has quickly become one of my favorite restaurants. I have been eating there twice a week for a few weeks now. The Poke bowls are great. I also sometimes get the Chicken Poki over brown rice. Killer. shockingly inexpensive place, too. Only downside to me is closed on Sunday.

              1. re: gr8pimpin

                Same here. I could eat the mix poki bowl for days, and at $13 quite a bargain.

                1. re: ns1

                  is poke bowls basically marinated tuna sashimi with soy and a little chlie on top of rice ?

                  also, is this the joint, catty corner from sugarfish in the eureka plaza ???


                  1. re: kevin

                    Yes it's right next to Sugarfish.

                    It's basically marinated tuna sashimi w/ kombu + togarashi on top of rice. The addition of the kombu here really makes a difference IMHO.

                    It's seriously leagues above the poke @ fish king.

                    1. re: ns1

                      sweet, sounds healthy and tastes good, i'll give it a try.

                      1. re: kevin

                        and cheap to boot, the trifecta.

                2. re: gr8pimpin

                  Daichan is terrific!
                  I like their mixed poke bowl with salmon, tuna and yellowtail over their special seaweed rice.

                  Generally we begin with a California cut roll...surprisingly good because they are made when ordered.

                  1. re: liu

                    Checked out the lomi lomi salmon over the weekend - pretty good. Get it w/ white rice though, not the kijiki seaweed rice.

                    thanks for the rec re: CA roll. GF has a weak spot for those.

                    1. re: ns1

                      I know that most California rolls are pretty boring, but Daichan's fresh one is quite good.

                      Oh! I love Daichan's seaweed rice! I have had their poke bowls with white rice, brown rice and their special seaweed rice. Now, I only order the seaweed rice; it adds so much richness to the dish.

                      1. re: liu

                        really? I thought it completely overwhelmed the fish. tasty enough by itself though...

                        1. re: ns1

                          ns1 - hi!

                          I like it! I also sprinkle in a little Japanese hot pepper and mix in a little soy...YUMMM!
                          You're probably right. The fish is no longer the main ingredient.

                          I'll make a conscious effort next time to be a little more subtle with my add-ins and let the fish play the lead role in this bowl.

                          1. re: liu

                            finally tried that poki bowl, it's good though not amazing also the portion is kind of small for 13 bucks.

                            1. re: kevin

                              Things I've learned the past year: fresh fish that is served raw is always expensive. It's more food than what I can get at my other $13 players (Marukami, Sushi Don Sasabune)

                              Anyway, not here to convert you, glad you checked it out though.

          2. Ahi Sushi at Ventura and Coldwater is very good.

              1. re: Clyde

                Clyde, you are correct, it is now Kiwami, operated by Katsu Uechi, yet a place where he might actually be working, as opposed to a place where his name appears on the menu, but he seldom does.

              2. Asanebo would be my recommendation for great omakase in Studio City

                11941 Ventura Blvd
                Studio City, CA 91604

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                1. re: od_sf

                  I love Asanebo, but in my experience it can be very pricy.

                  1. re: ebethsdad

                    +2 for Asanebo. Best sushi in that area IMO. Agree with ebethsdad though it can get pricey quick.

                2. ... So where did you end up, Jwsel?

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                  1. re: J.L.

                    We actually wound up at Kiwami. We ate at the sushi bar, but did not do an omakase, though the price was about the same.

                    We had the $20 platter with a few Katsu specialties -- spicy tuna on crispy rice, albacore with fried onions, yellowtail with jalapeno. It was okay, but a little heavy on the sauces. We had some good nigiri -- toro, yellowtail belly, and albacore -- and I liked that we could order specific tempura items. I should have passed the seared toro that I ordered, though. It did not come close to Kiriko's and, at $16, was not worth the money. My other annoyance was that I ordered uni sushi very early on, but the chef kept making other things first. It may be a minor thing, but I don't like ending the meal with uni, so I wound up cancelling the order.

                    Overall, it was decent sushi, but does not compare, in my mind. with Kiriko. And in the Valley, I prefer Sushi Ichiban Kan in Woodland Hills and Sushi Iki in Tarzana.

                    1. re: Jwsel

                      Thanks for reporting back! Try sugarFISH next time - it may surprise you.

                      1. re: Jwsel

                        Don't blame you for your assessment.

                        Wish Kiwami was what it can, might, or could be.

                        When Katsu is tending to the bar in the back, who knows how you will enjoy it.

                        But by just being in the front dining room, just another customer ordering whatever from the menu, it is just not the same, and definitely not all that good, in reality.

                        1. re: carter

                          Hey. Does anyone know if Katsu Michite of Katsu sushi in Los Feliz fame from back in the 80s and his last restaurant was Tama Sushi which he closed a couple years back is still manning the sushi bar anywhere around town ?


                          1. re: kevin

                            Haven't heard anything about Katsu Michite since his Katsu on Beverly Drive closed. His absence made it possible for lesser lights like Nozawa to shine. He remains the best ever, but alas he's no longer in the mix.