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Jun 12, 2012 07:06 PM

Kid Friendly with Great Food!

We are from NYC and will be in Philly during the week (Tues and Wednesday) and are looking for some great restaurants with a kid friendly environment for our 2 year old. We will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner out. Thank you!

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  1. Do go to Reading Terminal Market for breatfast at the Dutch Eating Place for delicious pancakes and apple dumplings. It's best to sit at the counter if you can swing it with your's a lot of fun. Also, the Market is a great place to go for lunch, as they have a number of and see all of the food stalls, since they also have really good baked goods, soft pretzels, and chocolate confections there.

    Parc on Rittenhouse Square is always a good place to go with kids. Jones is also kid friendly but the food is a step below Parc IMO. There are many places in Chinatown that are very child-friendly (I am sure someone will post the better options) and you could always get a good pizza at a place like Zavino.

    1. There are lots of options..any particular part of the city you will be in? price point? More info would allow us to give better recs.

      I second the Reading Terminal Market recommendation. In Chinatown, Rangoon is a great option. The food is Burmese, something not so easy to get everywhere. For Cantonese style Chinese, Sang Kee is great and easy with kids.

      In West Philly, Distrito is a great option for more upscale Mexican. They have booths and lots of visual interest to keep a little one busy, and would be fine for lunch or an early dinner.