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Recs for post theatre near Lincoln Center

floridaredhed Jun 12, 2012 05:53 PM

We'll be attending the performance of War Horse at Lincoln center on Wednesday evening. Anyone know nearby places for a fun post theatre meal?

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  1. s
    Sneakeater RE: floridaredhed Jun 12, 2012 07:38 PM

    Bar Boulud
    Boulud Sud

    Bar Boulud is open later than the other two. But if I remember the timing on "War Horse" correctly, you should be able to make any of them.

    1. s
      Simon RE: floridaredhed Jun 12, 2012 07:41 PM

      Depends on your budget and preferences, but i like Boulud Sud (can be pricey but tasty -- i.e. the $72 whole salt-baked Loup de Mer for two)...for a more casual place, Cafe Ronda...

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      1. re: Simon
        Riverman500 RE: Simon Jun 13, 2012 12:33 AM

        Cafe Ronda is closed. Not sure when it will reopen.

      2. v
        von_levi RE: floridaredhed Jun 12, 2012 08:57 PM

        I'm going to guess that you're not looking to drop serious money at a place like Lincoln, or even Boulud Sud.

        Out of the places adjacent to Lincoln Center I'd recommend Bar Boulud. It's a pretty good value and assuming the rain ends around mid-day, you should be able to sit outside.

        I'm also a fan of Cafe Luxembourg up on 70th & Amsterdam. It's like a 5 minute walk and the 72nd St 1/2/3 stop is right there.

        1. boredough RE: floridaredhed Jun 13, 2012 12:31 AM

          Also GastroArte on 69th (@ Broadway (tapas etc) would fit the ("fun") bill.

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          1. re: boredough
            JC2 RE: boredough Jun 14, 2012 06:34 AM

            Second GastroArte. Surprising find. We only had the tapas, but they were great.

          2. c
            cricri7 RE: floridaredhed Jun 18, 2012 02:43 AM

            There is Blue ribbon sushi bar and grill on West 58th and 8th that is excellent and they are open late.

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