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Moderately priced restaurant in Yorkville/Bloor/Yonge area?

I have a friend coming in from out of town next Tuesday for dinner and she'll be staying at the Marriott at 90 Bloor Street East. Does anyone have any recommendations for a moderately priced restaurant within walking distance of the hotel? She'll be coming from Alberta, so any kind of food except for steaks would be great.


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  1. Smith on Church Street, Nervosa Trattoria on Yorkville Avenue or Caren's Wine Bar on Cumberland.

    1. I had a nice dinner at Mideastro the other night (Yorkville and Yonge). With my 30% from DiningDateNight, it was a good deal.

      1. We enjoyed our dinner at the Oxley recently. We used to be regulars at Carens but feel its really gone down hill over the past year or so. Now, we go more often the Malena or L'unita, but honestly, it's slim pickin's in this hood.

        1. What about all those Thai and spring roll joints on Yonge, just south of Bloor? I've never tried it, but isn't there a mexican place on Yonge, just north of Bloor on the west side? There's the crepe place on Yorkville on Yonge... also haven't tried, but it always seems busy. There's King Palace on Davenport across from Canadian Tire... Sushi Inn in Yorkville, The Pilot has the best poutine I've ever tried, even though I've only tried it three times. The Bloor Street Diner kinda sucks, but it's got a great patio and vibe if she's alone. Not sure how far "walking distance" is for your friend, but hope this helps.

          1. Rosedale Diner and Globe Earth on Yonge are reasonably priced, and within a 15- 20 minute walk of the Marriott on Bloor. Both take online reservations through Opentable. Pastis is probably closer to a 20 minute walk, also might be worth considering. All 3 offer more bang for the buck than most places in Yorkville. The Terroni + Bar Centrale at Summerhill are also within a 20 minute walk of the Marriott.

            Dynasty serves decent Chinese food in Yorkville. While it's fairly pricey for a Chinese restaurant, it's moderately priced for Yorkville.

            I agree, Caren's has slipped a little.

            Creme is another Yorkville option for bistro/brasserie food. I haven't been yet.

            1. wish, or hop on the subway under the hotel and head to the danforth....

              1. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I've been to Sushi Inn a number of times, so that's good for Japanese, but I appreciate the other suggestions. I'd like to be able to recommend a few restaurants, with different kinds of food. Has anyone tried Ichi Riki?

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                  I like going to Lee Chen when I'm in that area:

                  Lee Chen Asian Diner
                  832 Yonge Street
                  Toronto, ON M4W 1J5
                  (416) 901-8869

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                    Which dishes at Lee Chen do you like the most, T Long?

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                      I favor the spicy beef soup and the fried dumplings...but admittedly have not tried most of the menu yet. The beef soup was a recommendation by the waitress on my first visit.

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                          Dealathons has a half price on Lee Chen - did you try their XLB?

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                            Haven't had a chance to try Lee Chen yet. It's the next place I'll try the next time I'm looking for something to eat near Yorkville.
                            Thanks for mentioning the Dealathon deal.

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                              Thanks Teep for the heads-up on Dealathons....no experience with their XLB's yet.

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                              Another thumbs up for the spicy beef noodle soup. We tried it a few months ago. My wife said that it's up to the standard.

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                          Would take a look at WOW Sushi on Charles just east of Bay

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                            For moderate dining - as requested by the OP - in that neighbourhood, you can't do much better than the Cat123-recommended Coffee Mill. Satisfying Hungarian nosh, though something of an antiseptic atmosphere (except for the colourful clientele). Decent wine and beer prices. You can easily do it for $50-$60 or so for two.

                            I'm reluctant to suggest Le Paradis, a classic French bistro on Bedford Rd. just west of the intersection of Avenue Rd. and Davenport Rd., because it's not exactly a short walk from the Marriott. In fact, it's a LONG walk, maybe 25-30 minutes. But an interesting walk, west through Yorkvile and up Avenue Rd., then one block west to Bedford, doable on a pleasant evening if you've got your walking shoes on. Le Paradis defines the term "moderately priced" in Toronto. Good food, solid service, enjoyably lively atmosphere. With a half litre of wine, it's hard to spend more than $75-$80 for two, all in. Hard to get a reservation, but Le Paradis always keeps about one-third of its tables open for neighbourhood walk-ins. You can just turn up and you're almost guaranteed a quick seating.