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Cheap place for lunch near First Canadian Place

mtx Jun 12, 2012 02:28 PM

Any good places with reasonably sized meals for around $10-$12?? I know some charge that much money just for an app. Any type of cuisine is okay, just not fast food....5-10 minutes away is fine too

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  1. c
    CarNut RE: mtx Jun 12, 2012 05:58 PM

    If you don't mind ordering at a counter, try Sweet Lulu on Temperance St.

    1. e
      eco987 RE: mtx Jun 12, 2012 07:19 PM

      I like the all-day breakfast at Hanks.

      1. Nevy RE: mtx Jun 13, 2012 06:19 AM

        I would highly recommend to head to St Lawrence Market. Tons of great food under the $10 and they're not the horrible fast food you see in most food courts. I've had everything from the peameal bacon sandwich to the freshly friend halibut lunch to the freshly baked thin crust pizza and they were amazing. Some of my favourites are Churrasco chicken sandwich, the Chinese stirfriend eggplant with Shanghai noodles in the basement Chinese food stall, grilled fish anything from Buster Cove, Cabbage Rolls at Euro Delight, and the pizza on the main floor.

        If you want good fresh salads, there are 2 places I normally go to that are good value in the Finanical District. One of them is them Druxy's in Commerce Court. They fill the additions first in the bowl before adding the leafs. I've had salads from them where it's 80% filling and 20% leaf. Great deals for $8. Another spot is the Cultures in the Lombard building food court. It's so different from the other ones. The owners make all the salads fresh daily and the portions and selections are huge. The salads are all great and filled with veg, beans, or fruit instead of the wilted leafy greens. You can get a huge container filled with 3 salads and a water for less than $9. I recommend the Tabbouleh, Thai Mango Salad, 5 bean salad, Quinoa salad, the fresh roasted beet salad and any of their brie wraps. I like the wraps to be grilled so the cheese melts a bit.

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