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Jun 12, 2012 01:57 PM

Dick and Jenny's on Grand Island - WNY

NYC 'Hounds visiting Buffalo and NF in July...know the New Orleans D&J...need some indication about whether this should be a destination dine.

Also recommend dishes and if better for B, L or D. Thanks!

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  1. I've been once with much anticipation. Wasn't all. I've never been to NO so I guess I'm not the expert but I wasn't impressed. I had the oyster po boy. It was ordinary at best. My daughter had the crab cakes, she's 2, and while she was satisfied, I wasn't. The friend I was with also wasn't pleased with his meal, though I don't recall what he had. I was there a while ago (maybe ~10 mos ago), so maybe things have changed. But like I said I went there after looking at their menu and reading about their history with great anticipation and havnt been back since. With so many great dining options in Buffalo, I'd personally look elsewhere.

    1. I've yet to find a really good restaurant/eatery on Grand Island. If you are in the Buffalo area and would like to try out its New-Orleans-style food, good places are Shango on Main St. in North Buffalo and Chester's on Transit Road in East Amherst. The former is more upscale and the latter is more casual.

      Also if you like the NYC Hard Rock Cafe, the one in Niagara Falls compares well (and is definitely better than the one across the bridge in Ontario).