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Jun 12, 2012 01:03 PM

Downtown Cleveland suggestions please :-)

We will have one dinner and one lunch in Downtown Cleveland and looking for recommendations. I would like a CH worthy place that also some mainstream items for my teenage boys. Price is flexible and we will have a car. We are also attending an Indians game. Is the food passable, or should we try for a late night spot after?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Will you be downtown on a weekday or on a weekend? That would definitely affect the lunch recs. There are so many restaurants to choose from is there a specific kind of food you are looking for?

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      We will be there on Monday and Tuesday. As far as specific food, my kids pretty much stick to the basics - burgers, steak, ribs, chicken, - they also like Italian. There is chance that my husband and I may eat on our own one of these meals also and we are pretty much wide open, so send me your top picks.

    2. Check out the Greenhouse Tavern, it is most spectacular and will have something for everybody. Very close to the stadium also.

      1. Are we talking downtown proper or will you have a vehicle or does it have to be in walking distance? Which hotel?

        If you want one of the best foodie experiences, Monday at the West Side Market for lunch is fantastic. So much fun for the kids too. Your hotel might even have shuttle.

        Tuesday night, Hodges right downtown has an amazing local menu with something for everyone, a great patio and 2/$40 special.

        Personally, I dont think the Greenhouse Tavern is a very good choice for kids. Great for your adult night out, tho.

        Now, if you have a car, or are willing to take a bus or cab, Ohio City and Tremont bost a ton of really good food too.

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          Yes downtown - Doubletree Lakeside, but we will have a car, so tell me about these other areas...

          I would like to get to the West Side Market, but I am not sure what time we will arrive on Monday and Tuesday they are closed, correct?

          1. re: shell22

            Yes, the West Side Market is only open Mon, Wed, and Sat. But in that area, Ohio City, you have a slew of restaurants to choose from, each one as good as it gets! I love Bon Bon (great breakfast), Crop (high end local menu), Light Bistro (love), SoHo, Great Lakes Brewing Co (great family food). Stop in the Souper Market and try the chilled strawberry bisque.

            Right around the corner, you will find the Tremont area. Again, restaurants galore. Fahrenheit (great date night and happy hour), BAC (best pad thai ever), Tremont Tap House (best burger in town), Lolita (Michael Symon)

            Near your hotel, there is a great sandwich shop in the IMG Building called Good To Go Cafe. She makes amazing kale chips!


        2. Can I also request some other breakfast spots around the hotel or R&R Hall of Fame??

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          1. re: shell22

            Really not much around the HOF or your hotel for that matter!

            Seriously, get in the car and go here or Bon Bon

            I've heard good things about Carnegie Kitchen and Dining but have not been there.

            1. re: shell22

              Another breakfast option (requiring car, but not very far) is Slyman's. They have the best corned beef anywhere! Their breakfast is good - and you can have corned beef with your eggs, or their house-made corned beef hash. You can also have a fabulous breakfast crepe at the West Side Market on Monday, though most of the other food at the market isn't really breakfasty.

              1. re: NancyH

                Oooh. I wanted to fit in Slyman's and breakfast will be the perfect solution..thanks!

            2. Not too far from downtown Cleveland is Sokolowski's University Inn -- Polish food served cafeteria style. Really good. A local friend took us there and we loved it - can't wait to go back.