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Jun 12, 2012 12:33 PM

Suggestions? 80th Bday Dinner 10-15 Budget Conscious

Hi Atlanta chows,

This is kind of a strange request - I'm not familiar with Atlanta and y'all hopefully know exactly where I should go.

My boyfriend's father will be turning 80 and my boyfriend and his sister- both on a budget- will treat dad to a celebration dinner. The dad has very bland food tastes- nothing ethnic or spicy, too modern, or gourmet. Grilled fish and french fries and rice is his ideal meal. Probably nobody in the party other than me will be a foodie, so environment and cost are actually most important factors. I know a pleasant, moderately elegant atmosphere would suit his tastes and make him feel special. They live in Dacula but the dinner could be in Atlanta proper. His grandchildren and possibly step-grandchildren would be among the group (2-4 kids ages 4-7), so kid friendly as well.

Because of the budget concerns, I thought possibly BYOB or BYOC (cake) would help with the cost.-- not sure if that is possible though.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!!

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  1. Check out Mary Mac's. It's not a foodie's paradise, but it's solid southern food. Plus, old people love this place!

    1. Funny, I thought of Mary Mac, too! I don't know if you consider Italian-American ethnic, but we've had large family gatherings at Maggiano's. The atmosphere is very festive with huge servings for sharing. It is a Chicago chain, but the food pleases everyone.

      1. I was just at a 70th birthday party at Maggiano's. They label your party room with the party name which made us feel special. I have to say it was very nice, even though I'm not a huge fan of their food. It might be pricey, though.

        We had a bday part recently in one of the Hudson Grille party rooms. The food is a little above average bar food, but the atmosphere is good, especially in their party room. It would be cheaper than Maggiano's. The Sandy Springs or Midtown might work for you.

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          heres a very good spot not far from dacula--we had a car club event there for 40 people and it was fine