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Jun 12, 2012 12:15 PM

Kid Friendly in Rye/White Plains area

Hi, I'm looking for a kid friendly place to take my parents and 5yr old daughter for lunch on Thursday afternoon to celebrate her Pre-K graduation. Really dont want a chain...any suggestions...she loves pancakes! Thanks!

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  1. I think you might have to settle for a diner if you want pancakes. Aside from that, most places in White Plains attract business people dining at lunch time. Probably won't be crowded, but not necessarily kid-friendly. In Rye, there's always Kelly's Sea Level or Rye Roadhouse. I've seen kids in both places when I've been during the day.

    1. Do you consider Le Pain Quotidien a chain? The one in downtown Rye is quite lovely.

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        I was thinking that too, but it is indeed a chain

      2. I suggest the Eldorado Diner on Central Ave. in Scarsdale. They will serve real maple syrup for slight extra charge. Pumpernickel in Ardsley is terrific also. The Rye Ridge deli in The Rye Ridge Shopping Center is excellent serving all types of breakfast plates.

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          1. I know that PF Chang's is a chain, but my children always love it. Plenty to entertain them with, especially these sticky wax sticks. I was going to suggest City Limits, again extensive kids menu, but lots of interesting food for parents, but they are under renovations. We take our children out for dim sum too at Central Seafood on Central Avenue. The children like the soup and dumplings, while the adults enjoy the more interesting parts of the menu. It's more casual that Aberdeen, and the children like to look at the fish in the aquarium. Just don't tell them that they are there to be served as lunch!

            If you (and your parents) like tacos, in Port Chester Bar Taco is fun. Again, you can sit outside and watch the boats while you wait for the food. The child will love the churros dipped in chocolate for dessert.

            (wrote above before I saw the sentence -- loves pancakes) You can introduce her to pancakes from around the world. Moo Shoo Pork at Central Seafood is served on Chinese pancakes, and the tortillas at Bar Taco are just Mexican pancakes.

            For traditional breakfast, your best bet may be a diner, however, there is Eileen's Country Kitchen in Yonkers. They do a wonderful breakfast.

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              We also liked Sam's of Gedney Way in White Plains. It was very accommodating for the children, and good for parents too. Good brunch, but you may want to confirm that they'll do pancakes at lunch time for a special pre-school graduate.